Signed 2019 etron pp+ 560 monthly 0down + msds

So this is my second lease , first one I hired mike. He got me the Tacoma trd pro for $305 I had to drive up from Boston to Florida. I checked carvana last week and they were offering 6k over payoff so decided it was time for a new car. This one was the best deal I have found specially here in Florida . Is not as good as the ones from cali but it is 10k miles . Includes audi care N was zero down with refundable msds. Is not unicorn status but I’m happy with it.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019, Audi etron pp+
MSRP: $74315
Monthly Payment: $560
Drive-Off Amount: $5750 on msds
Annual Mileage:10k
Incentives: 9500 loyalty +ev
Region: central Florida
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It’s an excellent deal.

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Yea Florida deals were horrible. I started last week and they were all around $1000 a month+ mor. One dealer actually told me they were not giving any discount except the rebates. Lol

I’ve had same experience in South FL. All horrible to deal with and usually just running around in circles talking to them. One dealer had over 20 units on the lot and said said same thing no discount except rebates

Your link says 10 MSD, Audi allows 9 max, right?

Calculator is off a bit I think. If you got Audicare that Should bump the RV to 57% I believe.

And the max MSDS is 9 and MF should be .00128

Nevertheless this is an amazing deal! Congrats.

The lease contract said 5750 on secure deposits. So I’m assuming that’s 10. And yes audi care did bump the residual value

If the dealers actually give you the marketing allowance, lease cash, Costco and loyalty shouldn’t that make a decent deal?

It will be a good deal not a unicorn though

They told me they didn’t participate with costco rebate. However still apply audi allowance N I got lucky with loyalty since my gf had an older audi under her name , but we had different adress. I was able to come up with an insurance card that had both of our names and the audi on it, so that qualify for loyalty.

Wow. You got that much of a discount without Costco?

Yea they didn’t even include market allowance as a rebate, it was off the dealer discount on the contract + ev rebate and loyalty

Well done. That’s a great deal.

Yea the car is great. Now I just had to install a 240 outlet at my house to get the best for it. The only thing I didn’t like is that it didn’t had autopilot or lane assist like the xc90. For 70k car I was expecting to have. But no biggie it

I regret not having the autopilot but i have a pretty short commute so it doesn’t matter much.

excellent deal havent found a right dealership in socal to get one yet…every time i said zero das dealership wanna drag it to 36 months

Means their quote gets a better payment at 36 vs 24. They aren’t giving you enough of a discount on the selling price.

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i will keep negotiating

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Also got a similar reply from a dealer in central florida with over 35 etron units on the lot.

One in.south Florida offer me 12k off msrp “including a’ll rebates and discounts”, when there is 15k+ on rebates. Lol