Signed 2019 Equinox LT AWD MSRP $32,135, 39/12k, 1st month DAS, $264mo all in


Just reporting in on the latest signed agreement we got. Not as slick as our $205 a month lease we returned but went to the same dealership.

2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT AWD with confidence and convenience package ($32,135 MSRP)
12,000 miles a year
39 Months
I didn’t ask for all the various details but the only special addition we got besides dealer adjusting price was a unique $1,500 offer from Chevy for current leasees.
All in with Massachusetts taxes it is $264 a month, first payment due at signing.

We had negotiated $259 at a place but it fell through on color and ended up with $264.

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Hi @LordMike can you PM dealer info? I’m in the Boston area.