Signed: 2019 E-tron MSRP: 75470, DAS: 2700, 395/mo including tax

So I first came upon a post from a dealer here on Sunday offering the E-tron at 3K DAS and 450/mo plus tax(485 total) with 5K MSD. Since the dealer is local, I contacted him and he confirmed it. MF and RV consistent with Edmunds. This seemed like a pretty good deal, but I decided to shop around. A local dealer here offered me 475/mo after taxes(instead of 485) but I was in no rush. Monday night I emailed multiple dealers and on Tuesday talked to a few and one of them was willing to beat any offer I had by a lot. Truthfully, I dont think I did that much to make this deal happen. Costco incentive is 10% off MSRP. If you pull out market allowance, I basically negotiated an extra 2.6%. Thats not horrible, but would a dealer be willing to go lower? Aside from the market allowance there is also 7500 lease cash and I also had 2K loyalty. These dealers will try to hide the incentives. I think the key is to find a dealer that will offer all these incentives.

I asked the dealer if he could replicate this deal, but he said he wouldn’t be able to doesnt want me to share the dealership.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Aude E-Tron Premium plus
MSRP: $75470
Monthly Payment: $395 including tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2700
Annual Mileage:7500
MF:.00128(after max MSDs). Per both dealers this is the lowest they could go with max MSDs.
Residual: 57%
Incentives: 7500 lease cash, 7500 market allowance, 2K loyalty, 1K SCE after I receive registration
Region: socal
Leasehackr Score: 15.3. 14.0 if you don’t count the SCE rebate.
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Nice incredible deal!!!

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Congrats on a fantastic deal! Did you try to see what a prestige lease would look like?

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Lower RV, but it might have a higher marketing allowance.

Anyways, OP, text book hack! Well done!

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No. I didnt really look into it.

Wow great deal. Did you have any problem stacking Costco & marketing allowance? I’ve had one dealer say no Costco on e-trons due to inventory and another say they wont stack Costco & marketing

They can say what they want. You can stack them. Just keep checking with other dealers. Someone will bite.

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As far as Costco, they can’t refuse. You go online and get an authorization number from a dealer you can choose. They have to honor it I believe. I could be wrong

So did you apply the Costco discount or did you just get them to discount the car at 12.6% before any of the incentives without Costco? If Costco is straight up 10% how did you get the extra 2.6% discount?

I applied Costco and negotiated for the 2.6%


Thanks a lot Sam. It’s a beautiful car. They should sell quick with all the discounts.

1359 new ones on Autotrader right now. Yup, sounds pretty scarce :joy:


Sam’s Beverly Hills Audi dealership only has 121 of them showing in inventory. Very scarce…


Yup I agree “very scarce”…Your online inventory shows “only” 122 available. Gotta hurry to sign the deal otherwise all will be sold. And by the way no one is getting fired just because they were able to beat your offer. Each dealership knows their bottom line and if they can do the deal they will.


No reason to get salty. As you said: everyone knows their bottom line.


That’s not much considering there will not be a 2020 model in the US . They will be gone by September

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You must not be in the car business. That’s a 60 days supply which means I’ll be running out by mid August .


Firstly, 60 days is mid Sep not august, secondly thats true only if you don’t get new inventory. Dealers have an incentive to make inventory appear scarce to give buyers fomo and spur them to open their wallets.

Congrats OP, absolutely incredible deal for this car.


Stupid question.
10% Costco discount. Where does this money come from? Costco will reimburse to Audi dealer ?

I noticed the math was off also…

You can take a car sales person out of the dealership but you can’t take the dealership out of the car sales person. :rofl::joy:

Sam is a good guy who offers some really solid no hassle no work Audi deals.

Any deal on here that is offered by a broker or a dealership there is the possibility of the deal being better it just takes some work and some luck. But for the the people that don’t have the time or care to spend the time on it they offer a great alternative.