Signed: 2019 C43 Sedan $2100 DAS $599/Month or $664 Additional Packages



Have prices gone up this much in 2 years?!?! We have a 2017 C43 $63K MSRP. $0 Cap Cost and we are at $589 39mo


Please tell me where you went…lol.


In general across the industry RVs are probably lower and/or MF is higher, fewer crazy incentives that lead to free Cruzes and sub $100 deals …mbusa isn’t immune from any of those macro forces


Yeah I know for a fact MF are way up over recent times, this is most likely the main reason…
Long Island, NY if you are in the area I have a great salesman.


We got a much more loaded car so makes sense


Wow. That is all.


I am looking at 2019 c43 sedan around $66k msrp but I keep seeing around $800 prices. I would love to get this type of deal —. I even qualify for fleet which is $2,250 for me on this car now. Any advice would be great! I am trying to make decision by tomorrow.


That’s one handsome pup , such elegance, oh and nice car too!


What term are you looking at? 48 months will get you to where this is


if it was me, i wouldn’t have gotten all the extra stuff, minimized my upfront $ and taken the 48 mo with the idea to lease swap out of it 24-36 mo into the lease to not have to be in that car for that long. It’s just too long IMO but if you dont mind enjoy it. I bet it’s a fun car to drive!


We cancelled the maintainece and wheel tire.

We will probably put car on swapalease in 2.5 years and our miles will be really low so might be worth it for someone.