Signed: 2019 C43 Sedan $2100 DAS $599/Month or $664 Additional Packages



Want to thank all the Hackers dealing with my nonsense for over a month. I think we did well. It was kind of a curveball looking at this car but it is fun as hell! I know most of you will say why in the world did you sign a 48month lease but it was actually the sweet spot. We decided to trade my CLS in at the 24-36 month mark and I will take this car over. The wife can get her SUV as I am sure she will be pregnant by then.

2019 Mercedes-Benz C43 4Matic
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $68,945
**Selling Price: $$59,292.7 (14% w/ PenFed)
**Monthly Payment: $599
**Cash Due at Signing: $2100
**MSD: 0
**Incentives: PenFed

**Annual Mileage:10K
**MF: .00135
**Residual: 54%
**Sales Tax: 3%
**Acquisition: $495
**Doc Fee: $459
** Added: Excessive Wear & Tear and 4YR Maintainence

**Region: NE Boston
**Leasehackr Score: 9.5


disregarding the 48 month lease the payment is solid. why didn’t you do MSD?


We would have loved to do MSD but we haven’t gotten back insurance check from totaled car ($2320). It would have helped but it is fine I guess. We felt payment was below the 1% rule lol


Additional packages cost $3120? Sounds super expensive.


Congrats! I test drove the C43 last Saturday and loved it. 48 months is ok, the monthly is great. Enjoy that baby!


No? How did you get that number? Maybe I posted something wrong?

Maintainence was $1395 and Exessive wear/tear was $995


Out of curiosity, how much more monthly was a 36mo lease?

48 months isn’t the end of the world, assuming Benz has a 4yr warranty like most of their competitors. However, between year 3 and 4 is typically when all the wear items need to be replaced.


Congrats. Is this the same car where you were mad at the dealer for some issue regarding delivery etc?


Your monthly is $664 with the packages?


36 months was almost $70 more a month


Yup. I got into heated argument and canceled the deal but the owner of the dealership called me and straightened everything out. Waived 3 months payment for us and the manager I dealt with is in “hot water”. Got 3 months free, floor mats, comfort box and $250 voucher for mercedes lifestyle


Yes. I think it was $15 off from leasehakr calculator but was over the car shopping thing


$664 - $599 = $65 x 48 = $3120.


Oh wheel tire package is also included! Good catch

They originally wanted like 698 for it all but we knocked it down to 664 since finance manager said “I’ll give a good deal”


Really happy it worked out for you in the end. That was a marathon if I’ve ever seen one.


Wow $3,120 in add-ons…and PPM should only end up costing about half of its price if it’s residualized.


I’m still amazed by this. I’m getting a $800+ quote for a $58k MSRP C43.


So is that bad or no? I don’t know?

Wheel tire alone was $2400 retail but I don’t know how much with discount


Correct me if I’m wrong, but 4 year maintenance will cover a couple A and a couple B services through the life of the lease, correct? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just pocket that PPM money and take it to the local garage for 4 oil changes and 2 cabin air filters?


Apparently service B/D on AMGs are a bit more since it requires trans axle change. Overall yes the pricing would have been cheaper at a Indy shop but here in Boston, it was literally $300 cheaper. Just wasn’t worth my time or patience. Dealer has pick up and drop off service, loaners, and god knows what else they promised us from preventing leaving bad feedback.