Signed - 2019 BMW X3 s-Drive

Signed on an X3 s-Drive w/ Driving Assist Package, Navigation, Heated Seats, 19" wheels, and tow package. Looking forward to feedback to see how I can improve the next time around. Even though I’ve been a lurker for a couple of months, I’ve learned so much about leasing from reading other’s posts. Thanks guys/gals!

MSRP: $45,845
Selling Price: $38,950
Monthly Payment: $405 including tax
Cash Due at Signing: $1,229 - just drive-off’s
MSD: $3150 (7 MSD’s)
Incentives:$2,750 (Lease Credit + Conquest)

Annual Mileage:12k

Leasehackr Score:9.7


Nice. Was it a loaner?

Edit: I just noticed you put 0 miles, that is a great discount for a new X3!

Yup, not a loaner. I would have loved to get one though, but I never saw one pop up that had navigation.

Can I get the dealership info. Currently looking to lease X3. Thank you.