Signed: 2019 BMW X1, 2k DAS, $299/months

I know this is not a hack, but I believe this is one of the best deal I can get in my area. (North Florida)

New 2019 BMW X1 sDrive 28i
MSRP: $39395
Sale price: $33010 before incentives (16.2%) - $30010 after incentives (23.8%)
Monthly Payment: $281+tax ($299) (effective $285 tax included after $500 CCA rebate) thanks to Yinzer
Drive-Off Amount: $2000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00128 (3.07%)
Residual: $23243 (59%)
Incentives: $2250 Lease Cash, $750 Conquest, $500 OL
Region: Atlanta, GA
Leasehackr Score: 10.8 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

The calculator shows $2 extra on the monthly payment, I have no idea why.
If I put down 7 MSD ($2100) I can go $20 less, but we will spend that money now on a California wine trip. :slight_smile:

My wife love the car. (Happy wife, happy life.) :smiley:

Black exterior with Oyster interior.
There is not a lot of extra only Convenience package, Heated front seats and steering wheel and Sport seats.


A few pics on my way back.

Good deal for new car! Congrats!

What’s your sales tax?

Florida, 6.5%

Sister in law got a similar deal out sales tax is 7 percent. Just comparing deals

Hi, I´m looking for the same car! Could you recommend me, who to talk to in order to moving forward? I’m from Miami