SIGNED: 2019 BMW 740i M Sport | $757/mo Tax Inc. | 2100 Drive-Off NO MSD 15K miles


New here, but I have been reading some posts which helped me get this great deal.

Picked up a 2019 BMW 740i from a Southern California dealership yesterday.

Mineral White Metallic
Ivory White Interior
M Sport Package
Multi Contour Seats
Panoramic LED Roof Longue
20 Inch Double Spoke wheels
Parking Assistance Package

MSRP $93,625

Sale Price: $65, 698

Drive Off: $2100

Monthly Payment: $757 (Tax Incl)
Term: 36 Months
Miles: 15,000 Per Year

Residual: 52 %

Money Factor: .00177

LeaseHackr score: 10.5

I’ve been shopping around for this car for a little over a month and finally got these numbers. The GM mentioned that he could do a similar (but not the same) deal so if anyone is looking for a 7 series I can definitely do an introduction. They have a few left with lower/similar MSRPs


Great deal! Congrats!



Can you PM me which dealership?


Since it has plates already, was this a loaner?


Yes this particular one was a loaner however, I was getting a better deal on a new one (739/Month) however, I wanted the white interior so I went with the loaner.


Bmw riverside


Nice ride!


Nice car! Enjoy


Is loyalty included in the price? I am interested


Yes, I forgot to include that. This deal does require loyalty.


I believe you can apply conquest (competition incentive) if you don’t have loyalty. It’s $500 less. Me thinks it’s a $750 rebate


Conquest is $1000 , loyalty is $2000


Sent you a PM. Was this 30% off msrp?


Can you pm me the dealer too thanks!


Wow… I got ripped off on the 740i…

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Great deal! Can you share your sales contact?


Great deal.
Can you introduce me to the sales person?
I am interested in leasing this car.

Thank you


Can you contact me with dealer info


I just replied to anyone who was asking for the contact details of the sales person. Feel free to message me as he has a few more left.


Thank you for the write up and super good deal on your 7 series. Can you introduce me to your salesman at BMW Riverside? Appreciate it!