Signed - 2019 BMW 640i GT Loaner - MSRP $75160 , Monthly $385.14 inc 9.25% tax, Drive off $4200 including 7MSDs

Thank you all for the great tips. Special thanks to @TS98 !!!

Originally I was only shopping for the new car and had reached out to probably over 10 dealers within 500mi range 1 week ago.
I had one dealer that came very close to the target discount for a new car, but due to the inflated MF and not allowing MSDs, I decided to expand the search and reach out to the other dealers with loaner cars yesterday morning.

I didn’t have much time during the office hours, so I just sent the price that I had for the new car deal and asked whether they can beat it.
One dealer came with better price right from the first response.
Dealer discount was already exceeding my target, but they also had MF 0.00185.
I emailed them that I will sign if they apply standard MF and allow 7 MSDs.
Then they brought down the MF to standard and brought it down to 0.00110 after 7 MSDs.

There was no other loaner car dealers that had responded to my initial email, so it was very simple to communicate with only one dealer.
I went to the dealer this morning and picked up the car.

This car had < 4570mi
Since this was a loaner car with registered title, gov fee was $60.86 for license fees and transfer including tax.

They also gave $1500 loyalty rebate and $1000 rebate for OL code
I placed some odd number ($576) down payment because the dealer somehow misunderstood me when I told them that I just want to put MSDs + Fees & Taxes + 1st months for the drive off. So they prepared all the paper work with $4200 ($2800 MSDs + Upfront fees + Upfront taxes+ 1st month + downpayment) amount to be paid in cash.
I didn’t want to spend another 30min fixing this so just accepted to put a small down payment.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 640i GT
MSRP: $75160
Monthly Payment: $385.14
Drive-Off Amount: $4200 (7 MSDs, 1st month, upfront fees, upfront taxes, $584 Down payment)
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12K
MF: 0.00110 (After 7 MSDs)
Residual: $43,327
Incentives: $2500 ($1500 loyalty + $1000 OL)
Region: Norcal
Leasehackr Score: 15.6 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Calculation

Thank you all for the great help.

NOTE: [09/01] I already gave the dealer contact to another LH yesterday.


Woooow. Amazing deal! Post pics!

Awesome deal, enjoy!!

Nice deal!!! Great car

Love seeing these 30%+ discounts on loaners.

I forget is their flagship cash on the 640GT too?

Great work OP. Finding the right motivated dealer is what does the trick without weeks or months of grind.

Will do. My wife took it out for a spin :slight_smile:


Amazes me that BMW dealers loan out 75K cars…

Grand theft auto. Enjoy!

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F*** yeah! @esangwon, I’m so happy you got a killer deal! Enjoy the 6GT and post a pic; I wanna see the beast!

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Love it, will try to replicate but the lack of conquest cash really hurts my chances. Need to find a friend/family member to cosign, which I really don’t want to ask anyone to do…

I wanted to hack this one so bad, but couldn’t find someone in my social circle to show enough interest! Happy it went to an LH member though. Congrats!

For the people that buy 75k cars :slight_smile:

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I was thinking getting one …do you have the contact info ? Want to see if they can replicate

I wonder who at BMW FS approved a 59% residual for this car…no chance it’s worth $44k at the end of lease. Maybe half that…

Congrats OP! This might truly deserve :unicorn: status

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It is the 24-month residual. Considering the 330i and 530e residuals are 7% higher for the same term, I’d say it is as realistic as it gets for a BMW car (not an SUV). They always inflate RV to keep the monthly payments attractive despite the higher MF…


I already gave the contact to another LH on Saturday. The dealer had only two 640GT loaners. I took one and I got an update from someone that the other one is also gone.

long over due pictures.
It’s been about a week driving 640 GT.
I am very satisfied overall.
Handling feels very different from other BMWs that I had before. I had Z4, 535i, and currently have i3.
Steering is soft/light and suspension is also softer than other models. Feels more like Mercedes, which I actually like more now.
Still has the nice BMW engine sound and quick response.
Back seat leg room is really spacious.
My 5year old refused to ride i3 after riding this :slight_smile: so it was the right choice!


Monster deal! Well done @esangwon, enjoy!

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I absolutely love these. I’m sad they are doing away with them. Dealer needs to keep one around for me for next May!

Sharp looking car, love the color, gotta love the price too!!!