Signed - 2019 BMW 530i


Didn’t get a unicorn by any measns, but I am feeling pretty good. Contacted many of the dealers within about 150 miles of Indianapolis. Some played ball, others were a joke. I actually got a quote for $798/mo with $800 down by a dealer in Cincy for an admittedly pretty nice loaner 530i (64k MSRP). Did I leave some money on the table for MF? Probably, but at a certain point, you have to decide whether you are happy with where the numbers are and I was there. Got 3" of snow last night, so the car isn’t ready for celebratory pics just yet, but they will be forthcoming.

2019 BMW 530i
MSRP: 60930
Monthly Payment: $568
Drive-Off Amount: $761
Annual Mileage:10000
Incentives:$1000 Conquest, $1750 Lease Rebate
Leasehackr Score:9.3
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Sorry, but that’s not a good sales price for a loaner, especially with the marked up MF.

Depends where you are I guess. I’ll just say that I got flatly told no about five times. At that point, what do you do?

At that point you hire a broker.


At what point? There is a current deal posted that has an actual effective leasehackr score of 10 (removing NA rebates, backing out MSDs, etc.). I think I did okay. Not great, but okay. Thought I’d post just to add a data point so that this site doesn’t look like Instagram where everyone is having their best life. I saw what the market appeared to be telling me and acted. I got to focus on cars I liked and not ones hand-picked by a broker. Stop shitting on the deal. A good deal is when both parties walk away happy. It was a good deal for me.


I didn’t shit on anything. You’ll f$cking know if I do.

Edit: thanks :bear:



You forgot a mandatory 35307_2


Enjoy the ride.

Did you try Cleveland? I’m pretty sure even they would have beat this. Hell I think I could even duplicate this in MI. It’s pretty cheap to ship a car from GA or NJ or TX or anywhere really. Our market sucks for BMW’s.

If you don’t like the comments don’t respond. The point is to help others because you’re right, it’s NOT instagram. Not sure why you posted on a public forum if you didn’t want public comments. “Great deal, you’re amazing”?


Not great, not horrifying. That’s more or less where my few remaining ‘19 530 loaners in that range are landing at WITH Texas sales tax sandbagging the equation.

Could you have done better? Yes.
Should you feel bad about your deal? No. Go see how many people roll around in Accord, Camry and Altima for the same monthly payment.


Well, I guess the first comment gave me a “ok, here we go” type of feeling that got me all defensive. That’s my bad. I don’t think it’s a “great” deal, but I would say it was decent.


This, big time.

Some of the other SE US markets are also catching up in a big way on aggressive deals as well like GA, AL, TN.

TX is pretty decent depending on the dealer but our atrocious sales tax situation (6.25% on sale price less incentives DAS or capped) pretty much deflates any super deals in the absence of tax credits. :pensive:

It’s a decent deal for sure. Don’t take it personal, no one is saying everyone should get a crazy unicorn, but shipping is a good option for the upper Midwest. I’ve wasted countless hours trying to hack BMW’s from here and I will never bother again lol. You know the numbers and did some homework. If it’s any consolation I like your deal better than the mystery deals that are getting posted lately with no info other than a monthly and DAS :slight_smile:

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The entire purpose of this forum is for people to analyze and tear apart deals so that we can all learn how to get the best deal possible.

I agree, but would also argue that it’s not just that. It’s also for improving transparency in an utterly opaque market. For that to work, you can’t just post the 12+'s. I want to see deals that people have taken after being told to F off multiple times in a given market. That’s the only reason I posted.


Sure, the more data points the better, but that doesn’t mean that the deals at the bottom of the pile shouldn’t be flagged as such.

If you don’t get told no the first half dozen times, you’re not trying hard enough.

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Dude, I did. Got waaaay shittier deals at Perillo, Elmhurst, Louisville, Cincy North, Dayton, Ft Wayne, Indy, Cincy BMW Store, Schaumburg…

The closest was $599/mo $800 DAS at Dayton for about a $63k MSRP 530i that I just didn’t feel was worth it. Had leather and driver assist+, but 18" wheels and I have a 3.5 year old, so pleather is probably just fine.

I’d probably have taken that one instead as a value proposition if you like DA+. BMW leather comes in different grades and Dakota is surprisingly resilient (I sincerely doubt a 63K 530 with DA+ has Merino, but then again there are oddball builds out there…)

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Hey man, I’m from the Indianapolis area and it sounds like from your comments that you are too, and I’m new to the Lease Hacking game. Do you have any tips for our area?