Signed - 2019 BMW 330i Loaner $302 + tax, $776 DAS + 7 MSDs ($46k MSRP live cockpit pro + convenience)


I think it went surprisingly well for my first lease. Will try to add pics later. Decided not to do 0 DAS since it bumped my MSD payment up an extra $350 due to the higher monthly. Randomly had ~$22 down but I didn’t bother to have them change it to 0. Thanks to everyone for all the good info and advice from this forum!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 330i live cockpit pro + convenience + some other random small options
MSRP: $ 45,995
Monthly Payment: $ 302 ($330 after tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3226 ($776 + $2450 in MSDs)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10
MF: .00145
Residual: 61% – or $26,996 after around 4200 loaner miles. (I put in 500 more miles in the calculator, not sure if something changed with BMW residual calculations or they calculated it wrong, but I don’t think I could have convinced them they messed up if they actually did).
Incentives: 3000
Region: CA
Leasehackr Score: 12
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


This is basically the deal I was trying to pull together in NY. No dealers would have it. And it wasn’t even close.

Good job!


Nice work, new body 3 series for Camry money!


Was this in NorCal? I had a very similar deal lined up (so similar it seems like it could be the same car) in NorCal but couldn’t sign because my lease transfer fell through. Great deal! Congrats.

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Nicely done on the new G20 body. In this case the small DAS amount makes sense to get you below that $50 increment in payment for MSDs. Congrats and enjoy! Would love to see some pics.


Congratulations! Awesome deal.

This is a good deal

Can you share dealer details?
I’m also looking for a similar deal on a 330i.

Nice job. G20’s finally being discounted decently.

Wondering by year end with the glut of 2020’s in stock if dealers will go deeper on discount on 2019’s (especially loaners)and if BMW increases trunk money. Especially around the holidays.

Got my eyes set on an M Sport with Track Package

Terrifc deal

45k msrp…i wonder what config u have

Right around 46k actually. I think it’s just convenience + live cockpit pro + heated seats + park distance control. I’d have to check the window sticker though

that’s well-equiped.

Could you please share the dealer info in Norcal? I am trying to find something similar here in bay area.