Signed: 2019 Audi eTron - $561/mo, $5k DAS, 36/12, MSRP: $78,770

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Audi eTron Premium Plus
MSRP: $78,770
Monthly Payment: $561 w/tax
Drive-Off Amount: $5,000 (first month, acquisition, and fees/taxes)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.00173
Residual: 48%
Incentives: $7,877 Costco, $7,500 Lease Cash, $9,500 Dealer
Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 10.0
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Long time lurker, first time poster. Hope I did pretty good for not having loyalty and living in a state without any EV incentives. Didn’t do MSD’s for other reasons. Would appreciate everyone’s thoughts!

On paper looks worse than it really is due to 36/12k. But 12.5% off before $15k in allowances & rebates is not bad at all.


5k in MSD instead of drive offs would have been a better structure.


Yes 5k msd would have had a lower payment and money back at end of lease.

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I didn’t want to exceed $5k DAS. I could’ve done 4 MSD’s ($2500) with $2500 signing saving me $16 a month or $576 over the term. My plan is to invest that $2500 rather than lock it up with Audi.

The thought is if you have 5k to pay as signing then you had the money to do MSDs and zero due at signing.

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I’d invest all of it and do 0 DAS and no MSD, yes monthly will be higher but total cost of lease or too much different

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That’s a different argument that I understand. Personal preference at that point.

Entirely. In your 2500/2500 scenario I would have done the MSDs and paid upfronts. Nothing but equities has a return close to that right now.

I usually roll everything in, but your MF is effective 4.152% which close to $3/mo to carry that to term. If the lease isn’t carried to term, you save (didn’t spend) roughly $69 + $3 per month on upfronts and corresponding rent that you prepaid (for a $108 “bet”, if your lease ends 2+ payments early, the bet paid off).

It’s all personal preference. Congrats and enjoy the etron!

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Not a good deal, you will pay about $25,000+ in the 3 yers this is a HUGE hit,

Would be much better to get a Tesla Model X Long Range Plus for about $75-80k depending if you are getting a inventory deal or not. You would only be out $10-$15k in the 3 year of ownership as the cars have a extremely good resale value. You would also have 350+ miles of range instead of the 180-200 miles on E-Tron.

LOL only a Tesla advocate would think $44k over 36 months is less money than $25k over 36 months.


That’s a very big assumption.

I think he is talking about owning a model X instead of buying. I would say if you can snag a model Y, that may work. The X is dated.

Tesla leases are terrible…


Private party, a 2017 model X 100d with a sticker of 121 now costs 74-76k with 34k miles. Tesla used is 70k. That’s still 50k in depreciation, and with a refresh around the corner I personally expect more depreciation with the refresh.

However you can say, TESLAS HAVE GOTTEN CHEAPER!1!1!1! Okay, but I counter with the depreciation argument. New refresh new tech, leaves anything else behind. Compare an AP1 car vs a AP3.

Yeah completely bogus garbage post to compare a lease to purchase.

Taxes on $120K plus finance charges add up to a lot, too.

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Totally but it’s important to do the math.