Signed: 2019 Audi e-tron PP+ Texas, MSRP $77,490 - $629/month 36/10 with Audicare and VPP

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Audi e-tron PP+
MSRP: $77,490
Pre-incentive Price: $68,794.5 (11.2%)
Gross Cap Cost: $60,544.50
Adj Cap Cost: $64,566.77 (TTL,Tint, VPP, Audicare)
Monthly Payment: $698 less $2,500 TX rebate (Effectively $629)
Drive-Off Amount: $698 (First month due)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00134
Residual: 47%
Incentives: $7,500 BEV Tax Credit, $8,250 Dealer Cash, $2,500 Post TX Rebate
Non Tax Fees:$1,328.75 Total ($150 (Doc) , $895 (Acq Fee) , $283.75 (Title/License/Reg/VIT))
Tax: $676.77 (Received Sales Tax Credit)
Trade in Equity: $203.7
Region: TX

I want to thank everyone in the community @HersheySweet @DonnyAudi @vhooloo @joeblogs that was able to provide valuable input when I was working out the numbers for this deal. This is by no means a crazy deal like everyone was getting in September but still worked out for me.

I was not in the market for a car as I had just leased a 2020 RX350 last year but I was able to trade in with $203.70 of positive equity in this deal. (Vroom/Carvana/alGO was only offering $43,000 which was ~600 of negative equity)

I missed out on the Penfed incentive as they recently changed the guidelines to only 2020 and 2021. I was trying to work this deal at the end of Oct. but the dealer was not willing to budge. I believe the RV went down 1% in Nov. which hurt this deal a little.

After a lot of back and forth with the dealer where they originally started in the $800s with cash down, I was able to land this deal.

What I am struggling though is the number that was negotiated with the Sales Manager was 698/m with first month due at signing, when I got to the finance manager, he was able to add VPP (614 cost) while keeping the monthly the same? I was confused but given the agreed number was 698/m, I accepted. Now looking at my lease agreement, it seems if I had opted out, I could have reduced my payment so I am confused how this was done. Did the finance manager play with the numbers to basically get the VPP the same? That being said, can addons be removed post contract signing as I don’t need VPP?

Below are the pictures of the contract, I’m having trouble filling it out in the calculator if someone can help me with this.



Did you ever confirm all the numbers in the calculator and make sure everything matched what you negotiated with the sales manager before going in the “box”? If not they might have left some play in there so the F&I guy could sell you stuff, or they got a tier 1 approval but said it was still a 2.

Everything was done over the phone as the dealership was in another city. The verbal commitment from both parties was 698/month. When I got into the “box” aka spoke to the finance manger over the phone, first thing he said was my monthly payment was $698/m. Then he went through the different packages and asked if I was affiliated with any businesses. I mentioned state farm and he said oh, I can add VPP at no cost to you and it’ll keep your payments at $698/m. But looking at the numbers above, things changed like pre-incentive went from 10% agreed % to 11% which I assume was how I got VPP for “free”?

In terms of the tier 1, the money factor was buy rate at 0.00134 which I had him confirm after he told me 698/m and before we went through any packages

Congratulations, it’s a fantastic vehicle!

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Did any of the usual suspects offer more?

Nope, the best I got was $43,000 which was ~600 less than payoff

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Quick question, I did a thorough inspection today of the car I took and saw a small paint chip. The dealership says its a non-issue, will I have to pay any fees when I turn in the car in three years? What do people normally do, should I be worried about this?

Looks like a non-issue to me

Never leased an Audi, so I’m not sure how stringent they are at during the end of lease. So you don’t think its necessary to get in writing from the dealership that this is non-issue and if I get dinged for it later on, they would cover the charge?

That letter wouldn’t be worth the ink it’s printed with.

But it’s a non-issue to me. Audi Financial won’t charge for that in my estimation.

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This will be a non issue. My dealer used the touch up paint because I insisted and they even give me the entire bottle.

I have worked in sales and was able to use different incentives to off-set the cost of a value-added service that I cannot discount. At my discretion, I’ve applied a $10 for 24 months discount to sell my customer $10 a month product, which I was not able to offer for free.

However, you can call Audi Financial and find out about these add ons. In some states, it can be canceled. The checks may be sent directly to the dealer of you.

Anyhow, Congrats on the deal!

@West_Indian That is very helpful, the finance manager may have done this to. I’m just curious because the way it shows on the contract is just an added service so I wonder if by canceling it, I would get a reduction in my monthly. I went through what the package actually does and its pretty useless.

No, it will not reduce the monthly once the contract is signed. In order for you to enjoy the benefit of VPP, he needed to add it to the contract. Otherwise, you won’t be entitled to VPP period.

If it’s refundable, it will be in the form of a check. If it is a check, provider will let you know if it comes back to you or directly to the dealer (who you must check in with or they’d just keep it).


the 614, is the protection and is part of the contract. On the contract for the VPP, it does say if I cancel, the funds will be refunded to the lessor? Does that mean I don’t get anything or would the dealer refund it to me after?

The great news is that the lien-holder is Audi Financial Services (or whatever bank) and not the dealer. If it was going back to the dealer, they could easily lie to you and be annoyed at the churn.

You’re in the driver seat here. When I was 18 I bought all the VAS, as I got wiser, I canceled and receive checks in the mail.

Call Audi to find out if they will refund you by check or apply it towards the principal. It could pro-rate your next month or likely adjust your last two payments.

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seems so expensive… I thought Etron was on sale for sub $550, at least in the west coast

When? Before the programs changed?

Definitely in Texas that’s a strong deal. Am I reading it right that the tax was zero? Guessing that was mostly thanks to the trade-in and some tax credits?

Enjoy the vehicle, have seen a few around North Houston recently. I like the augmented sound it makes on the outside, not sure if that’s just the later e-trons.

Tax paid was around 676 because of tax credits, the deal was only worth it because of the 2,500 tx rebate

The augmented sound is on the 19, takes some getting used too hah, i guess its for the benefit of pedestrians because its so quiet