Signed: 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Sport - $353/month 12k/36 - $353 Drive-off

Huge shout out to Alfa Romeo of Birmingham and Beau! They made the deal super easy, I was in and out within 45 minutes

I highly recommend Beau if you are in the market for an Alfa and are anywhere in the southern US - pm me for his info!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Alfa Romeo Guilia TI Sport
MSRP: $ 50,040
Monthly Payment: $353
Drive-Off Amount: $353
Annual Mileage: 12K
MF: 0.00004 (Edmunds had 0.00004 also)
Residual: $23,518 (exact same as Edmunds as well)
Incentives: $6000 - ($3000 was lease incentive from Alfa, $1000 fca loyalty, $1000 alfa loyalty, $1000 conquest offer)
Region: South
Leasehackr Score: 12.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Bank is Chrysler Capital


Your calculator inputs are completely off from your contract.

Your contract shows a selling price of $40,814.16 and $6,000 in rebates.

Which is it? Kinda makes a massive difference. You’re either at a 14.2% discount or a 3.2% discount…

edit: Dealer could have kicked in some $$$ to add to that (i.e. $4k could be rebates and $2k could be direct from the dealer), but regardless the numbers don’t add up.

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Have you read the calculator FAQ?

Sorry I am new to this, I definitely received $6,000 in rebate and but I thought I was suppose to use the gross capitalized cost i.e. 42,140 but now I see thats a mistake - it should be 40,814 -

Updated the calculator - but i believe something is still off

Did you get a breakdown of what they were? Usually it’s somewhere in the lease paperwork. FCA can get pretty wacky with rebates. I don’t see anything close to that between edmunds and autobytel.

What was the actual MSRP then? It is definitely not your gross cap cost :laughing:

Actual MSRP: $50,040

It just says factory rebate - went through the entire contract but there is no breakdown of it

I know atleast $1000 was loyalty

Usually you’ll get a sheet somewhere along the way listing the rebates that they applied…doesn’t really matter, just curious. Looks like a fantastic deal even though you seem to obtained it in a not very hackr way :rofl: enjoy it!


A stopped clock is right twice a day.


ok I believe I fixed like 95% of the calculator - my total lease cost is almost accurate but my monthly payment and drive off amounts are off, any idea what I am doing wrong here?

I rad the FAQ :slight_smile: apologies for not reading it before

To start, your MF in the calculator is wrong. It should be .00004, not .0004.

Seems all $6k of the rebates are untaxed.

Then the das just needs adjusted.

Why there’s no acquisition fee is beyond me.

Amazing, thank you so much for fixing it - i definitely missed an extra 0

Although, I am no where near a hacker, this looks like a good deal. On a side note, there seems to be some sort of atleast $5K dealer incentive going on in the south - all the alfa romeo dealers are listing it in GA, SC and AL

Yes…if the end result is good, then how you got there doesnt matter in the end IMO. But, knowing how to get there can be helpful much of the time.

Your deal looks very good to me.

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Updated with incentive detailed breakdown and new pictures :slight_smile:

Great deal on the perfect car to lease and lease only. Owning one of these out of warranty would be a death wish for your wallet.


I hear ya.

Just had my 4th trip to the dealer for a recall on my Stelvio. Any Alfa should be lease only. I got a little over a year left.

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Which year do you have? Other than that how would you rate the overall reliability?

My brother leased a '18 Giulia, and the car was in the shop multiple times for weeks waiting for parts to arrive. “Reliability” really isn’t a word that is part of the Alfa Romeo vocabulary.

But damn, that car - when it worked - drove so, so wonderfully.

I know someone with a 2017 that was out a total of 3 months out of his 36 month lease due to some inexplicable issue. Some salespeople mention that the bugs have mostly worked out in the 2018 and 2019 models. I haven’t gathered much information about the 2020s yet, however. I came close to pulling the trigger on a 2019, but I got a bit apprehensive.

2017 was the worst - kind of expected as it was alfa’s first year back

2018 it got better

2019/2020 is quite stable

Luckily all issues can be fixed via software updates, i am yet to come across an issue that requires a mechanical intervention