Signed: 2019 Acura RDX SH-AWD

This is a done deal, first time lessor so tried to get the best deal I could w/limited knowledge but definitely looking for feedback.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Acura RDX SH-AWD
MSRP: $40,395
Selling Price: $33,470
Acquisition Fee: $595.00
Gross Capitalized Cost: $34,470.98
Capitalized Cost Adjustment: $546.07 (taken out of cash paid up front)
Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $33,924.91
Residual: $23,833
Depreciation & Amortized amount: $10,091.86
Rent charge: $5,094.38
Sum of lease payments: $16,135
Monthly Payment: $448.21
Cash Due at Signing: $750 (Includes first month)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.0024

Incentives: $500 new grad

Region: New England / MA
Leasehackr Score: 7.7 years

Other fees to be aware of: $350 turn-in fee at lease-end. I understand this is very common and negotiable depending on your next transaction with this dealership or another. I was also offered several supplemental insurance coverages, each of which was approx. $35/month / $1000+ per year, although I declined these. Lease includes $750 of wear and tear allowance.

Appreciate your feedback!

Decent dealer discount so guessing these just don’t lease well. Personally i’d Be looking at other options at that monthly but if you’re set on this one make sure the mf is base and you don’t qualify for any other incentives. Other than that shop around and try to get the selling price down.

Unless I missed something, OP said that this was a “done deal.”

I somehow missed the first sentence but focused on the last about appreciating feedback. Enjoy the car.


I believe you are correct these don’t lease quite as well as other models like the MDX. We specifically liked the car but didn’t want to buy new. Monthly is higher than I would like but I tried to get as little money down as possible (about $300 after the first months payment)

What else? Just curious

You did well for an RDX, it is just the MF that sucks. QX50 should be cheaper than this due to lower MF and available MSDs. Stelvio and loaner X3 can also be leased around this price.