Signed - 2019 Acura MDX Tech Pkg - $440/month

Hi guys,

I am totally newbie on leasing world and learned a lot from here.

Just signed 2019 Acura MDX Tech pkg yesterday.

Can you guys take a look and let me know if this was a good deal?

Also, hopefully this info helps to others too.

Thanks in advance.

2019 Acura MDX – Tech Package

36 Month / 12,000 Miles

MSRP : $50,295.00

Negotiated Selling Price: $39,421.65

MF : 0.00200

Acquisition Fee : $595.00

Due at Signing = Trade-in Value : $3,500.00 (2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 / 178,xxx Miles / KBB Trade-in Value $2,419.00)

DAS Breakdown Below

  • Capitalized Cost Reduction : $2,317.00
  • First Payment : $440.00
  • Title Fee : $18.00
  • Registration Fee : $98.00
  • Documentation Fee : $599.00
  • Lemon Law Fee : $3.00
  • License Fee : $25.00
    • Total : $3,500.00

Dealer Fee : $599.00

RV : 55% ($27,662.25)

Government Fee : $144.00

Government Fee Breakdown Below

  • Official Fee : $46.00
  • Title Service Fee : $98.00
    • Total : $144.00

Tax : 7% (GA)

Monthly Payment : $440.00 (Including tax)

Total Lease Amount : $440.00 x 36 Month = $15,840.00

Here is the calculator link.
This is the closest number that I can get from the calculator.

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Total cost is $18,896, so basically $524/mo, looks like they bumped the mf, about $7/mo, edmunds shows .0019. Discount before the $6250 lease cash is just over 9%, there might have been room for a little more discount but I think they showed you more for your trade than it’s worth. Solid deal for sure but you might have been able to grind a few more pennies out(inflated doc fee), I assume you shopped around

Hi! Could you share the dealer info? I’m in the market for one of these Acura’s!

Hey Carlos,

Yeah I can share the dealer info.
Give me your email address or contact number via PM then I will send you the dealer and salesperson info.

Hey Joe,

Thanks for your feedback!!
I have shopped around 5 different Acura dealers for a week and this was the best deal that I could get in the town. Like you said, they showed me more for my trade value and it was the pretty good bump for me.

Can I get the dealer info as well? I’m in NC and am in the market.

Can I get the dealer info and the salesperson as well.