SIGNED 2019 Acura MDX Base $453/month, $1100 down - CA bay area


Thank you so much for everyone that contributes to this forum, it helped me a great deal in negotiating confidently :slight_smile:

2019 Acura MDX Base FWD

MSRP: $45,695
Color: Red (This bumped up the MSRP by $400)
Selling Price: $38,562 (15.6% off MSRP)
Monthly Payment: $453 (includes 9% tax)
Cash Due at Signing: $1100 (Includes first month’s payment)
MSD: None
Incentives: None (all bundled into the selling price)

Months: 36 months
Annual Mileage: 12,000 miles
MF -> I didn’t write this down.
Residual:$26,960 (59% of MSRP)

Region: CA bay area
Dealer: Auto Nation Acura on Stevens Creek Blvd in San Jose.

I am in NJ. Best quote I got for base AWD 12k 36 months is 465 per month, everything rolled in, first month DAS. Assuming yours is fwd but still not too bad.

Yes, this was FWD. I edited my post and clarified that.

Do you have a deal sheet you could share?

I don’t. Everything is laid out in I only care about monthly payment with all taxes and fees rolled in. But best I can do is 465 all in, 1st month DAS. LI has a dealer offering $459 all in, but since i am in NJ, $6 difference is not an incentive for me to travel that far.

Maybe NJ is more generous than MN, I can’t seem to get a payment that low on a base MDX with AWD.

Hey. Is SH-AWD considered base
Can you share a contact in the LI dealer?


Hi Im in Northern California. Do they tax you on the full price of the car for a lease. Im trying to understand the calculation. So, the sale price was $38,562. The residual was $26,960. So, amount to finance $38,562-$26,960=$11,602 /36 month term =$322.27…plus help me fill in the blanks!!! I have a few Acura dealers up here and I just want to know as much as I can before I try to deal. Also, does anyone know the current MF on the Base/AWD ? Thanks for any help filling in the gaps for me.

Can you send me dealer or salesman name? I would like this deal?

Sent you details via PM.

can you also PM me dealer/sales info im in the area looking for rdx

Can you PM me dealer details please, thank you.

I responded to everyone via PM. Thanks!

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Can you PM me dealer details please? Thank you in advance and have a great weekend.