[SIGNED] 2018 Range Rover Velar P250 HSE R-Dynamic

Picked up a Velar, asked some questions in the other forum and finally got a deal on paper, picking up the car today!

2018 Range Rover Velar P250 HSE R-Dynamic with every option for an MSRP of $78k
Includes: Heated/Cooled/Massaging Seats, Drive Pack, 360 View, Off Road pack, etc
It was a loaner they had advertised at $69k. So when I called about the car they gave me an additional $7k off or so because they thought that was the MSRP.

Final deal came down to:

MSRP: $77,480.00
Sell Price: $61,073.00
MF: .00001
RV: 50%
Term: 39/12k
Down: $2000 includes 1st and fees (No way around this sadly)
Monthly: $607/mo

And because I was there for almost 3 hours they included ceramic coating and ding/dent protection for pretty much free.

Very happy with the deal.
There is another dealer who offered me a $67k car for $699 39/12k $1k DAS if anyone is interested. It is a P250 SE-R Dynamic

Leasehackr score around 11.1


Region? You’re in the NE right? Think I remember seeing your other post.

That looks like a very sweet deal… would sign for something like that immediately if I could find it in SoCal.

Does this trim have air suspension? And if so, is the ride height adjustible or is that only on the RR Sports and above?

Yes, NH so sales tax either.
It is the HSE so it has everything as standard pretty much. Air suspension, offroad pack, adaptive cruise with queue assist. I am very happy and I would not have gone for this car if the deal wasn’t so good.

Adjustable ride height is automatic apparently, my brother has a Sport and mine does not have the same button he does.

good deal – post some pictures

Exactly what I wanted to know - thanks!

And yes, post some pics!!

Picking it up later today, will do!

And the pictures?

They are in the trophy garage thread!