Signed 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE 350 MSRP $59520, $585 pm DAS 2($1300) 36 Months 10K Miles


Signed 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE 350

Hi LH community,

Please rate my deal and share recommendations to further lower the monthly lease amount!

This is my first post in this community. In case more information is required to review this deal, please let me know.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 (Loaner 3k miles)

MSRP: $59500
Selling Price: $49500

Rebates: [None] 2 payments paid by dealer
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MSDS: 2 ($1300) brings down MF to .00001

Total Due At Signing: $0
Drive-Off $0 (Tax + Acquisition + Fees + Registration rolled in monthly payments)

Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $585 includes maintenance/service package ($16 pm) as MB doesn’t offer maintenance for free.

Leasehackr Score: 8.3 years

Got the car today. Thank you LH community for the inputs.

2018 GLE Offer in TX - good deal or not?

Try to squeeze more discount on price.

Throw MSD at it to get MF to almost zero.

I think there’s a little more room here, not a ton, but some.

Edit: is there any way you qualify for fleet? PenFed member or workplace or ???


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In the market for GLE as well. Got a quote on a new 2019 GLE 400 including fleet and lease cash incentives. Was hoping for a little more on the dealer discount, but not much luck yet.

MSRP: $56,855
Total Discount: $6,000
Selling Price: $50,855
Fees Due: $2,115
7.5k Miles: $679 per month
10k Miles: $697


the difference between the 19 and the 18 GLE is night and day. if you want the new technology and that LED screen and it matters to you go for the 19. If you dont care and just want the MB gle and tech is not an important driver for you, get the 18. 2019’s wont be discounted for a while, they just came out.

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Aren’t the 2020’s on lots now? I would think discounts would start popping up sooner than later.


sorry I meant 2020, disregard


Perhaps you could start a new thread (b/c it might be confusing w/ 2 deals being posted on a single thread)?


Created a separate thread. thanks.


quite close to finalizing this car. Will share final numbers soon. Thank you all for the inputs.


I wonder, can dealership inflate MF and then accept more than 3 MSDs?


Where did you get this? 6k discount already? A friend looking for one and same with X5 i posted before the heart wants what the heart wants.


Got the car today. I have updated the final number in this thread.

Thank you LH community.