Signed 2018 Honda CR-V EX-L (31,945msrp) 315/month zero down



I was between a 2018 CX-5, CRV and Forester. It took around 3 months tracking deals and I liked the CR-V ex-l the best from the beginning but it was way too much back in November (high 400s i think? I actually threw it away thinking its not going to be a Honda). Subaru did not budge and then all the 2018s were gone. People seem to like the CX-5 but i personally like the CR-V EX-L interior better and its bigger.

2018 Honda CR-V Ex-L AWD
**MSRP: $31945
**Selling Price: $28076.8
**Monthly Payment: $315
**Cash Due at Signing: $315 (which is first months payment)
**Incentives: (not sure?)
**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 12,000
**MF: .00016 ? (per edmunds forum?)
**Residual: 59% ? (per edmunds forum?)

**Region: MAssachusetts (6.25% tax)
**Leasehackr Score: 8.7 years


What dealer was this? Did you roll all the fees into the payment?


Wow, didn’t think one could pull off a 1% deal on a CR-V. Great job.


tax, title, reg, and doc fees were around 1400 and they are all included in the 315 per month. i wrote a check for 315 at signing and that was also the first month payment.


WIth the RV and MF even I’m looking to lease a CR-V. My top dollar is $29k sale price but shooting for $28k.


Whats the buy out at the end of the lease?


About $19k.


Same buyout price here. Just under 19k.


Please send me the dealer info


This is by far the best deal I’ve seen on the EX-L. We were quoted well over $400 all in back in the summer. Ended up getting a Jeep GC for low $300s


Could you please send me the dealer info also? If you want Ill tell them you referred me.


this makes me really happy to hear. I started car shopping mid november (2 months ago) and the first quote i got for cr-v ex-l was 497/month 36 months with 2000 down. wtf. i then pursued mazda and subaru. cr-v was my first choice so really happy with the deal.

salesperson said they have 18 ex-l left to move. color choices are getting limited though.


Can you please pm the dealer name and city in ma. I’m in norwood


Thank you @rripewine. Dealer matched the deal to me for the silver color. They still have one more red color I think.


Whats the dealer


Hi, what dealer is this? I’m from the North Shore.


Similar deal is being offered in NJ area (Central)

Very interesting, when I offered 320 per month (zero down) in the last week of Dec 2018 for the same car, the sales manager literally insulted me and said I am looking at the wrong car and I would not even get EX trim with that money. He went on saying that only American Car companies can do crazy deals like this and said I must have that experience. I realized I hurt his ego by not taking his deal blindly and came up with true value of the car. :slight_smile: