Signed - 2018 BMW X5 40e loaner for $560/mo after tax with $1,200 DAS



Signed a deal for $560/mo after tax for a $70,560msrp X5 40e loaner with 4,800 miles with $1,200 DAS for first payment, dealer fees and title/reg.

We are repeat purchasers at this dealer and made the purchase just before the end of the year. No trade-in.

2018 BMW X5 40e Loaner
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $70,560
**Selling Price: $52,500
**Monthly Payment: $560
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,200
**MSD: 0
Incentives: $1,000 Loyalty, $5,250 Lease Credit

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10k
**MF: 0.00182
**Residual: ~57.5% (due to mileage)

**Region: New England
**Leasehackr Score: 10.5


awesome deal ! do you really need TWO x5s lol


Love this deal, great job! Was the incentive only on the E or all x5?


Just E… 3.5 lease credit on a loaner in December was only $1,000.


Credit is down to 4250 this month in MA

Agreed awesome deal!


Congrats! I thought residual stayed the same until 5,000 miles?


Residual stay the same before 500 Millie. After that there’s a calculation for residual. If the car is after 5000 miles… it will not qualify for any rebate and residual will get a big hit (another way to calculate it) … Both of those calculation can be found in the forum just can think of it on top of my head)


Thanks for the reply. How does one do the calculation for after 500 but before 5000?


$.25/mile for the mileage.


Thanks, we just sold the old X5 privately.

Last months lease credit was:
$1,000 for sdrive35i and xdrive35i
$2,500 for 35d
$5,259 for 40e

Original residual was 59% however the $0.25/mile adjustment lowered it to 57.5%

Loyalty credit was $1,000 last month and has been bumped to $1,500 this month.

I think it would be difficult to replicate this deal now that the new year has started. The dealers aren’t as hungry because they have an entire year to hit their volume numbers. When I talked to my dealer, they were close but not yet over the line to hitting the top tier sales quota for BMW.

I would say you could probably do $600/mo with some relative ease, especially if you qualify for multiple incentives.


Put it in the trophy garage :clap:


curious, was this a 3 row X5?


Pretty sure there is no 3rd-row 40e.


Correct, the 40e doesn’t come with 3rd row.

The battery takes up the space which would normally be reserved for either the spare or 3rd row seat.

The 40e does gain the benefit of having the rear air suspension included in its price vs. paying $3k for it on the 35i.

I’ll post it to the trophy garage soon.



Do you mind sharing dealer info?


PM sent

I’d prefer to not publicly post it.


Can you pm me plz?