SIGNED - 2018 BMW M3 CS - $110k - $0 DAS, $728/mo

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW M3 CS
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

MSRP: $110,545
Selling Price: $ 86,000(included OL code) (22% off MSRP)
Monthly Payment: $ 665.31 (before tax)
Monthly Payment: $ 727.59 (included 9.5% tax)
Cash Due at Signing: $5250 (MSD)
MSD: $5250 (7 MSD)
Incentives: $4500(loyalty + lease cash)
Post-Sale Rebates: $500 (BMW CCA)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000 miles
MF: .00177 (after MSD : .00142)
Residual: 61%

Region: SF Bay Area
Leasehackr Score: 13.3

I roll everything into the monthly payment, and only the MSD due at sign which is $5250. I think I did pretty well.
Thanks to this forum I was able to get this deal! :grinning:


Great deal. Is there still trunk cash on the CS models? Anyone know how much?

best CS deal I’ve seen so far. great job

Was the $4,500 taken off the $86,000 sales price? Were the dealer costs (bank fee, doc fee, taxes etc.) all rolled into the monthly? Hard to recreate your numbers, but not doubting you got a great deal. Please let us know. Thanks!

That is an incredible deal. You may consider 24 month lease. I think payment will be cheaper.

Dealer ate the drive off ~ $1655

My neighbors would think I’m the biggest prick with that color :slight_smile: But that has to be one of the nicest colors they’ve ever made in an M. Absolutely amazing deal!

Yet another crazy bimmer deal…congrats dude

HOLY SH*T! Gratz! (I’m starting to look at these now)

That is a sick color on a great looking car. Congrats!

Congrats! Love the CCBs.

That’s way better than my deal and probably the best deal on a CS i’ve seen thus far.

Comgrats OP. Is that the San Marino Blue Metallic?

Great deal !!

Thanks! yes it is!

Sick looking color. I wasnt sure from the angle of it was that or the frozen blue II
Congrats man ! Thats an amazing deal as well.

Crazy good deal. Especially considering it’s a new vehicle. I’m impressed that they listed it that far under MSRP. Well done!

Thanks! the frozen blue II is nice but hard to clean… also 5.5k extra… so… skipped!

Oh well worth skipping the extra 5.5k. This is jist as good.

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That’s just insane. Would have been even cheaper at 24 months which I don’t think happens often on a M car.

Wow what an amazing deal good job makes me want to go pick up a m3. If I did wife would make me sleep in it. Days would be amazing but nights would be cold and lonely