Signed: 2018 BMW i3S REX MSRP 57K, $266/mo + tax, TDAS 1.7K plus MSDs x7 (new)


2018 BMW i3S REX (new)

Sale Price : $48,XXX (16% off)
Monthly Payment: $266 + $24 tax = $290/month
Drive-Off Amount: $1.7k (1st month, DMV, sales tax on incentive) + $2.1k MSD

MF: .00202 (waive acq fee bumps MF .005, 7 MSDs)
Residual: 64%
Incentives: $7500 lease credit, $1500 loyalty

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000

Region: SoCal dealer – NorCal tax
Leasehackr score: ~17

I had a hard time finding any 2018 i3’s in stock on the west coast at dealers who were offering a reasonable discount. Some dealerships quoted me lower MSRP loaners with <10% discount.

Jumped on this deal for a brand new 2018. How did I do?

If anybody can replicate this deal please let me know.

Cannot recommend this deal. Much better deal available on 330e, so I wonder why someone would get an i3

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To each his own - they are different cars. This is a great deal on a 57k vehicle. Enjoy.

You might want to check out Buena Park BMW - they offered 12% off MSRP on their 2018 loaner stock with my first email inquiry last month. Had 5 in stock at that time and looks like they still have 4. Didn’t get any other specifics on how they would structure the deal. Buena Park loaners

can i3’s still get carpool lane sticker and/or rebate?

Yes for HOV lane (I don’t believe the 330e is eligible).

I think the California clean car incentive is available for the i3 which is $2,500, but one dealer told me you need a minimum 30 month lease to get it, I don’t qualify anyway so wasn’t a big deal for me.

PG&E has a $800 rebate for NorCal which I am going to apply for when I get my permanent plates.

Thank you CaliMichael.

Current 330e body style is in its last year, doesn’t qualify for HOV and has poor battery range.
I3 isn’t my favorite in the looks department but it does everything else very well.

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The 330e and the i3 are not the same cars. This is a lease deal website, not a car comparison website, so I’m not sure why you would bring up another car in this thread. But I’ll play ball.

  1. the i3 has a much higher EV range, about 100 more miles

  2. the i3 qualifies for the carpool sticker here in socal

  3. the i3 is a hatchback

  4. the i3 Range Extender does not drive the wheels, it charges the battery. The 330e is a more traditional hybrid.