Signed! 2018 BMW 330E Loaner - $56k MSRP - $224/mo + tax



330e is RWD, keep that in mind :slight_smile:


Keep it in mind for what?


She knows.


I do, but I was shopping for my mom! My parents are in South Florida, so it’s okay. :slight_smile:
Now she doesn’t want one, though, because it’s a loaner, doesn’t have a sunroof, etc. I tried to get her something nice for her birthday!


Didn’t ursus tell you about snow tires? My rwd 525i still did decent in mass winters on snow tires.


The finance guy seemed to not know about it when we discussed it. I didn’t want to push the issue.


I just got a quote back on one from United for $650 with lower MSRP. LOL


yikes - which stock #?


#33082 - I think they messed up the residual, but still


sending you a PM


Again, this was going to be for my mom, and it’s not quite a matter of snow tires v. not. I don’t know where in MA you live, but I lived there for over 7 years, so I’m more than familiar with winter there. Now, it is a matter of the power too, since I have to drive up and down a lot of hills, some of which are 45 degree angles; some could well be steeper. I need enough power to get up and down them. During the storm in November, cars and buses were scattered, stranded on a hill, and I was able to make it up because the power was distributed to all my wheels. Even with RWD, I would have been spinning.


Yep. They messed up the RV on an M3 I was looking at. Killed the deal and won’t get back to me.


+1, drove my 335i RWD in new England winters for almost 10 years with continental DWS, just have to be careful.