Signed! 2018 BMW 330E Loaner - $56k MSRP - $224/mo + tax



Just got back after flying up and driving back 500+ miles in a day. Original payment was $204, but I bumped the miles to 12k, adding the additional $20/mo.

Its a Shadow Sport Edition, with Navigation, Heads Up Display, Moonroof, Carplay, and Blind Spot.

**MSRP: $56k
**Selling Price: $45.5k (19% off MSRP)
**Monthly Payment: $224 + tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $2500 (Acq fee, tags, dealer fee)
**MSD: None
**Incentives: $7000 (no loyalty, no OL, no USAA)

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage: 12k
**MF: .00217
**Residual: 66%
**Farts: 3k

**Region: GA (drove it back to FL)
**Leasehackr Score: 19.6

Tried to negotiate the MF to no avail, but with the MSRP drop and lease cash I couldn’t pass up the deal.


Wow nice congrats


how many miles on loaner?

how did you find this vehicle? carguru or you searched every dealer website?



I used the app and sorted all the 330E’s by distance, watching the prices as I scrolled up to 5k. Look for the biggest difference between MSRP and the sale price to find the unicorns.

United BMW and Gwinnett BMW (both just north of Atlanta) have a good amount of them left according to the site.


Thanks!! I appreciate it!


i have found plenty just can not get them to give that discount.

i think that is base MF and to get lower need msds


Great deal, congrats!

Buy rate MF is .00177 now and down to .00142 with max (7) MSDs


Nice! Was this Gwinnett?


United BMW.


any reason why you didnt do MSDs over the $2500 upfront?


How do you like the 330e after 500 miles? I’m hesitant because the smallish trunk and lackluster acceleration compared to the gas-powered 330. I’m very interested in hearing your perspective. TIA.


Are these prices for real? Are the dealer discounts on websites before or after the $7,000? If it’s before, then I’m seeing leases that should price out to $50. I’d get a second car for that price, or get one for my mom, since my parents only have one car.


Mine was an additional 7k off the existing 10k discount.


There’s no universal law stating dealer’s must all post prices the same way. Some will have incentives included, and some wont. Up to you to contact them and figure it out. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.


Thanks, @JiveDonkey! I agree, @coni, but my point was asking if it is a time when the price is what is listed PLUS the incentive/credit, not before it.


And that’s what I answered.


Correct. I found some dealers tried to say their posted discount included the 7k, just walk away from any deal where it’s it’s going to be too much.

United BMW added the 7k lease cash on top of their already steep discount.


Love it so far! I averaged 36mpg using just gas on the way back on I-75 and it has plenty of torque to get a smile on your face. The versatility is just great though, drove to downtown Tampa and back today on just electric.

Tech is great with the heads up display, includes a connected app for locking/unlocking and running the AC, and CarPlay.

I have hip problems and the car was very comfortable for the long drive back, surprisingly so.


It looks like United doesn’t have any, nor does Gwinnett, though some people said both had a ton. When did you go?


Yesterday, got back at 1am this morning. I see 24 in inventory on the website, search pre owned.