Signed - 2018 BMW 330e loaner ~ $257+tax ($2080 DAS)

First Lease Hack ever! Hopefully first of many…

2018 BMW 330e (loaner w/ 3743 miles)

**MSRP: $48675
**Selling Price: $42000 (~14% off MSRP, OL code include in this price)
**Monthly Payment: $257 ($277 after 7.75% tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $2080
**MSD:MAX 7 ($2100)
**Incentives: $6500 rebate

**Annual Mileage:10000
**Residual:~65.5 (adjusted to mileage)

**Leasehackr Score:14.9

Link to Calculator:

Doesn’t seem like a good deal on a loaner. After considering the OL discount is included in the sales price and the mileage adjustment, you probably would have gotten a new one for the same price or maybe even less.


Thanks for the feedback,
Unfortunately after much communication with other SoCal dealers I couldn’t find anyone with either the inventory or the willingness to work out a deal with me…
I’ll work harder for the next round :muscle:t3:

I love the night pkg and turbine wheels. Congrats on the new ride!

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You can use an OL code on a loaner now?

The salesman I worked with mentioned that the OL code worked with new cars or 2018s with 5k miles or less.

Pretty good- congrats!

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Yes. Just leased a BMW 320i loaner, and they were able to apply the OL code.

omfg, i should read this forum more often, y’all know where I can get one?

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