Signed: ‘20 Infiniti Qx60 LUXE Essential $360/39mos/Zero drive offs/15k mi

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
Majestic White 2020 Infinti Qx60 Luxe Essential FWD
MSRP: $50,895
Monthly Payment: $388.36 including 7.75% tax($360.xx base payment)
Drive-Off Amount: Zero (paid $500 out of pocket added it to my cap cost reduction on LH calculator)
Months: 39
Annual Mileage:15k miles
MF: .00027 ?
Residual: 50% (?) $25,447.50 per contract
Incentives: $3872 (includes vpp)
Region: Southern california (north SD)
Leasehackr Score: 12+

Unsure how the dealer got to the numbers but we are happy with the overall deal and vehicle. Played w/ the LH calculator, inflated the MF a little and added my $500 total up front to the cap cost to get to the numbers we received. Thanks LH for all the help on this. My 4th lease ever but think with LH’s fine tuning we got this one with an even sweeter deal than our previous leases.

Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Great work. Been trying to be around similar monthly payment on essential AWD on the east coast but my local Infiniti dealer won’t budge.

Thanks! Took us a while. Hardest thing was to settle on something.

Looks like you got a good deal. However, possibly because it was a FWD and not an AWD. You might not need it in CA though.

Yes. You are right. Awd not needed in my area.

About another $1500-$2k for awd depending on the packaged vehicle we choose.

AWD would probably be another $500 drive off and another $20 payment if i really pushed for it.

The best part about this was the 15k which brought residual down lower so the car is more desirable to purchase at end of lease.

Good deal/bad deal… who cares. Bottom line is that its almost half the payment compared to the other suv’s i was looking at.

Can you share your contact?

Pls don’t mind me asking is this have Forward collision braking, adaptive cc and blind spot monitor?

Hello. I believe Adaptive cc would be proassist and/or proactive.

most(if not all) of those cars w/pro-assist would be in the $52k+ range for the proassist or if you wanted pro-active it would most likely be on the sensory cars that are $57k+ msrp.

Forward brake assist-yes
Predictive forward collision-yes
Blind spot-yes.

Pm’ed elyus*

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Congrats on the new lease, looks like you got a great deal.

I know you indicated part of incentives you received was VPP, which $750 now. Could you please let us know what the other incentives were. Thank you and enjoy the new ride.

Hello. Thanks for the message and kind words.

We did not qualify for anything else.

I believe it was partly infiniti’s winter cash bonus and the actual dealership who helped us out.

Thank you @Raw6851, for the info.

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Thats a very large discount before incentives even though its 2020. Congrats. Is it from perry infiniti?

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Thank you so much

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