Signed '19 Odyssey EX-L - 36/12k $435/mo $0 DAS Honda FS

Quote today from a LI dealer
36 months/12kmiles
MSRP: $39,055
Sale price: $35,793
MF: .00120
Residual: 64%
Out of pocket: $0
Monthly: $445 (including tax) 35 payments

What year?

And why USBank? Honda numbers are pretty similar AFAIK and I’d probably pay 50% more to lease through AHFC vs USBank…

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2020 us bank is 3% on residual and better MF

On the calculator Honda was about $2x higher/mo

Don’t worry, USBank will nickel and dime you to way more than $2x * 36 more at the lease end on wear and tear.


There are a few us bank bashing threads already open

Good, then you should know it’s totally worth $20 more a month to not use them.

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I am in market for the same trim, although we are moving to buying outright as opposed to leasing. I would say try contacting a few dealership around to see if someone can give u better price. I have a couple dealer around me giving 34800ish sell price. I know a far off dealer quote me 34443. So I am still going back and forth with local dealer to bring their price down

Thanks where are you shopping, this is the first quote I have on this van, going to keep searching but wanted to get a sense of how much discount is out there on this trim

Correction, same sell price with the captive is 546,
$100/month (3,500 over life of lease)

I’d look at a 2019. Numbers seem much more favorable and they’re clearancing them out now. Yeah the models below Touring have the 9AT but you’re leasing so who cares. Also check out the numbers on other trims.

Do whatever you want but I wouldn’t engage in the Us bank turn in roulette.

Thanks for the advice, after a few CarGurus emails, here is where I’m at on a '19 EX-L with the captive. $404/mo for 35 months with $0 DAS, feels like maybe a little meat left on the bone in last few days of month.

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Looks much better. Cast a wide net and ask other dealers to beat that on an in stock unit.

After much searching in tri-state area ended up with a Honda financial lease on a 19 EX-L 36 month 12kyr 435/month for 35 months true sign and drive.

The link above double counted the $750 dealer cash. Best deal I could find by about $500 and the color I was looking for

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