Sign BMW Lease with last month incentives?

I am thinking to pull a trigger and sign a lease on BMW X1. However, I think I might get better deal if I wait for the BMWFS November numbers and incentives.

Can wait until BMWFS publish new numbers in early November and if it was bad ask my dealer to do paperwork with October date and take advantage of October incentives?

Unless you order a car, you have to take the current months deals, the dealer can not backdate it, that is why there is a push at the end of the month to get sales. I would not suggest waiting, I don’t think November will be any better October.

Dealers do not immidiatly send the lease paperwork to BMWFS. They send the paperwork after a few days. Is that correct? If that is true, I should have a few days between Oct and Nov to choose either one. I mean I can go in the dealership on Nov 3rd and ask them to file the paperwork for Oct 31st and take advantage of Oct lease specials.

November and December are in the hot car selling season. I think there should be more incentives for 2016 models in November compared for October.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Well for one thing its illegal to do, so you can start with that. Second i am pretty sure FS would not be too happy if the dealers let customers pick and chose which deal saves them the most money by waiting for the end of the month and fudging it by a few days. You can search of bimmerfest, they are an excellent source of information on bmw’s.

So you’re asking if the dealership will commit fraud to save you money?

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Also, the reason they do not send paperwork right away is because by law you can return your car within a few days.