Sienna LE Lease seems a bit high

So i was looking into my first lease, I live in Central NY. i went to my local Toyota Dealer, and i was offered a lease on a 2015 Toyota Sienna LE, MSRP was ~35,000, they set the sale price at 30,800 and set my payment at $369/mo no money down. My only initial payment would be plates and first month’s payment. I added Gap insurance and additional wear coverage ($5,000, 1,000 per instance) for damages, and my final payment was $398/mo.

This seems much higher than the $234/mo sienna deal that was posted on the lease compare table, and the MSRP was much higher as well. Was there something else i should have done? I will take the lease if necessary, because i need something for the wife and kids, but it seems a lil excessive in price. Please advise, thanks! I already put $100 deposit down, and they stated the van would be delivered today, but i haven’t heard anything back yet,

I question the need for GAP insurance. Most leases have this built in. In fact, GM leases specifically state they do and do not allow aftermarket GAP insurance to be sold. I do not know if Toyota is the same.

I found this on the Toyota website: “GAP may not be available on finance and lease contracts in some states. Please discuss with your dealer and refer to your agreement at time of purchase.”

Ok so i went to TrueCar, and KBB, put in the car information and my zip code, 13492, and the Fair Mkt Range on KBB is $29,114-30,863. True car puts it from $28,860-29,332, both before the $1,000 cash incentive. Printed this information and i’m going to go back and try to see if i can get a better deal, post when i return. I don’t know about the GAP insurance, however i’ve heard about nightmares with GAP, and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Here’s the lease program for 2015 Sienna LE and XLE (FWD or AWD) with 13492 zip code:

36 mo, 12,000 mi/year
Residual: 57%
MF: .00001
$1,000 TFS Lease Cash

Bear in mind Toyota does not residualize options; you may want to consider an XLE with no options instead of a decked-out LE.

Assuming an LE AWD (MSRP $34,860) and selling price of $28,860, I get $240/month+tax with $0 down (first month’s, registration, upfront taxes, and doc fee due at signing). This includes the $1,000 TFS lease cash and $650 acquisition fee.

The dealer might be marking up the MF…