Should we expect to see any upcoming deals on 2019 M550i's and M5's?


I’m looking to get a M550i and would stretch for an M5 if the right deal came along. I’m guessing the 2020s will be coming out soon, and it’d be a good time then to try and swoop up a 2019. Does anyone have an idea for when the 2020s will start rolling into the dealers or if/when dealers will be willing to negotiate more on current 2019s?

In general M550i’s and M5’s are rare to find as demo’s. For example my dealer has only had 1-2 2018’s from what I have seen.

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One might be able to get one for 12% off pre-incentive if you play your cards right but don’t expect more than that. Loaner might get you an addtl 1%/1K miles.

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