Should Trusted Hackrs continue to have the privilege of editing member posts?

I don’t think it’s appropriate for trusted hackrs to edit anyone’s posts other than their own. Why would or should they edit someone else’s post? If the post is deemed inappropriate, then dump it in landfill. If it contains inaccurate information, simply post a reply with a correction.

For a while I thought “trusted hackr” meant moderator.

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According to @michael

Just wanted to clarify one thing: Trusted Hackrs do not have the ability to view others’ private messages under any circumstances. Trusted Hackrs are not considered admin or moderators by the forum system, but rather are regular users designated as “Trust Level 4”. Details below:

## Trust Level 4 — Leader

Leaders are regulars who have been around forever and seen everything. They set a positive example for the community through their actions and their posts. If you need advice, these are the folks you turn to first, and they’ve earned the highest level of community trust, such that they are almost moderators within the community already.

Get to trust level 4 by…

** Manual promotion by staff only*
** (Possibly via a to-be-developed election system in the future)*

Users at trust level 4 can…

** Edit all posts*
** Pin/unpin topic*
** Close topics*
** Archive topics*
** Make topics unlisted*
** Split and merge topics*
** Reset topic bump date*
** Daily like limit increased by 3×*
** Any TL4 flag cast on any post immediately takes effect and hides the target post*

Another one of these posts… Thought they already went through all this.


Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t believe the issue of editing posts was ever formally addressed.

This is a valid suggestion. Personally I do not use the edit function and the only circumstance I have seen it used is to remove SPAM or inadvertently typed personal information that is removed to avoid issues for the OP.

We have specific moderation guidelines now and editing the language of posts is not something we would ordinarily do.

I would suggest a PM to @michael and @littleviolette directly with your thoughts and concerns about it as they control the keys to the kingdom, if you will.

Thank you! I already did a few days ago. @michael just posted what you see above. I just wanted to solicit other members thoughts.

How about an on-topic post that includes a personal attack or profanity in it? You don’t want to move it Landfill, yet don’t want the other part in there either :slightly_smiling_face:

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My take is that if a post has any profanity or personal attacks it’s going to the landfill per the moderation guidelines.

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According to the post from @michael

Any TL4 flag cast on any post immediately takes effect and hides the target post*

Then you throw the baby out with the bathwater, no?

Perhaps it undergoes a review?

Why shouldn’t the post be flagged immediately and hidden if profane?

Never said it shouldn’t be flagged immediately and hidden!

Why was your quote removed from my post?

Did you change your settings so that your posts can’t be quoted? Is that even possible?

You said…

Why shouldn’t the post be flagged immediately and hidden if profane?

And, I replied that I never said that.

I think if you quote the entirety of the post immediately preceding your own post, the system deletes the quote automatically.

I could be wrong.


Not sure why but, maybe it does.

Easy enough to test . . .

I just tested it.