Should there be a law against ADM?

Recently a judge in CA ruled that a bee is a fish. For the purpose of environmental laws. I’m not kidding, look it up.

So yeah I guess a dog park can also be a road. Why not? Words no longer have any meaning.

Looking into this in detail shows it’s not actually as ridiculous as it sounds, but rather a byproduct of poor legal writing and definitions.

Essentially, the CA endangered species act does not specify “invertebrates” as possible classification, meaning insects in general wouldn’t be covered.

Their definition of “fish”, however, is super broad, and does list “invertebrates” as a sub-classification, so because of poor legal writing, a bee falls under the category of fish.


I don’t charge an extra fee for credit card usage. To me it is a cost of doing business. But it is also helpful for me. I don’t have to run to the bank to deposit cash as often (I’ve mentioned before, my store is in a bad neighborhood). I do on occasion give certain customers a discount on a large cash order. I will give a unless someone gives me a credit card over the phone. When I manually input the number, expiration date, & billing zip code I get charged a fair amount more than when I read the chip or swipe the card.


it is baked into pricing since it’s part of the cost of doing business is what I mean. Ultimately any fee is always passed to customers as long as the margins make that possible.

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In the macro sense, you’re right consumers ultimately pay for “free” stuff. But on a micro scale, I use nycarguy’s services and he charges me $1000, I pay $1000 whether I use a generic Visa or the 2% visa. So on that individual transaction I’m making $20, without getting charged an extra $20.

Now of course in the aggregate, that $20 is paid indirectly by all of his customers. But for me personally, I come out ahead.

Yeah they can charge whatever- blow up the reputation of the manufacturer and send Tesla stock soaring. .

Tesla’s stock is tanking. Tesla prices have gone way up, more than markups on many other vehicles.

And the Corte Madera Tesla lot is still full …been that way for several months now. The haulers I see these days on I 80 are imports and Ford.