Should I sign the deal offer on XC90 2019 Mom T6

Looks like a good deal, the discounts are deep, although rebates and manufacturer MF are not met.
Price includes 0-drive off (VA 4.15% tax of the whole car price)

Strongly inclined to sign.

@Bostoncarconcierge can answer if this is a good deal.

2019 or 2020?

With that MF I would definitely apply MSDs

It’s 2019 Model

Great advice. MSDs make it much better, thanks

With 9 MSDs, getting some really round numbers:)

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Incentives aren’t taxed in VA. Also do 10 MSDs and bring monthly under $500 for lower total MSD amount


Even though all those round numbers are as pretty as the car, I agree with :bear:. Post pics in the :trophy: garage or it never happened


Just an update. When the time came to sign a deal, it turns out to be a bit different.
They further jacked-up MF to 0.00181. So I put it on ice till tomorrow.

Still a good deal, but looking for competitors to beat it.

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Same Ourisman. They are known for BS.

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It’s part of a car sales business that I really don’t enjoy.
If Tesla Model Y was on the market now - I would probably just go with it.
In a large part because of their sales model.
definetly not lease though…

At the same time it’s hard to blame people on the other side of a table - most of them are far from making decent living, so they have to employ questionable tactics, just because competition does it.

I’m sure the Volvo dealer would be happy to sell you an xc90 at MSRP too.


Yeah, like I said.
The dealer gave me a very good deal. And they are great customer-oriented people. It’s just me who does not enjoy negotiations.
I felt much more comfortable working with Tesla sales people, since there was no hassle and no room for negotiation.

Based on the price I am going to guess this is the one they have on there website for 47.6k the silver?
Did you test drive it that car? I am about to fly down tomorrow to go purchase it not lease this time around… making me nervous if they are dicking around or if the price isn’t what is advertised.

I suggest a great website called Facebook if you want to share pictures of your dogs. LH is for car leasing.

I will PM you with details. I walked away from that deal. But yes it’s a silver one.

The math is not exact, because some of the magic that is not supported in calculator, but here is the deal I’ve got:

2019 T6 Momentum AWD
Advanced Package+ Media Package + Trailer Hitch Package
Black on black
P.S. yes, I’m going to use a hitch.

MSRP: $64655
Sale price: $51900.40
Pre-rebate discount: 19.7%
Rebates: $1570
First month on Volvo
35 monthly payments of: $503.
Down: $173
MSDs: $5500
MF (after MSDs): 0.00062

I would like to scream “thank you” to everyone on this forum who was reading, advising, posting deals, just keeping at alive. I learned a wealth, had a great time in the dealership, and really enjoyed driving this beauty back home.
Special thank you to @Ursus. Your deals in Virginia made me believe that good leases are still around, even with our taxation system. Fairfax makes it even more painful here. But the car well worth it!


Great job on this deal! Really solid. Can you DM the dealership you worked with?

Also, did you find dealers were more willing to negotiate on a 2019 than a 2020 at this point of the year?