Should I sell my leased bmw x2 to Carvana?

Wife currently leases a 2019 X2 with around 15k miles that ends in Sept. 2022, so around 17 payments left. She is happy with the car, but it will need new tires and brakes soon and probably before turn-in too. Monthly is around $370 plus tax which isn’t bad. Carvana is offering our exact lease payoff amount, a little under 30k.

We do have a second car we can use in the meantime, but will probably be looking to replace the X2 with a new car sooner rather than later.

Would you take advantage of the high offer from carvana and search for a new lease in the current market? Or is the advantage minimal and better to wait? Appreciate your thoughts.

I’d say ditch it if you don’t need it, or transfer it, although selling it to Carvana seems pretty painless. I transferred out of a 3 series lease after a year, probably saved me over $1000 between a windshield, tires and dispo fee


I’d get out of it and sell.


Sell it if you can get out of it at no additional cost to you.

Also, how are you in need of tires and brakes at 15k miles? How is the car being driven? High traffic? On grated roads?

Suprised you’re breaking even half way thru a BMW lease .

If they’re paying you the buy out, dump it immediately. Rarely does this happen with BMW (and most other makes)

Bad time to get a new car though

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Did you check the marketplace to see how much is the same car advertised for with only first month due at sign? That would be a good start for you.

My wife is driving '18 X2. It has 23K miles on it. Lease ends 12/1/21. Have a Carvana offer of $28500. That’s nearly payoff to the dollar.

We have a Model Y Performance on order to purchase. I am retired, my wife is retiring the end of the year. We can easily get by with one car.

Carvana offer expires end of April. We’ll probably hang onto X2 until Tesla gets here. Then we’ll see how offer changes. She’s way under on miles. We replaced two tires 2000 miles ago. It will make sense to sell it before end of lease just to save the $350 disposition fee.

Side note: I just sold my '20 Volvo V60CC lease to local dealer for $500 over payoff. We were 14 months into it with only 6700 miles on it.


Yeah it’s crazy. My mk7 gti has 60k miles on the original brakes and my wife is not an aggressive driver. Forums say the x1/x2 are notorious for quick pad wear. Tried to warranty them due to the low mileage but SA could not help. Rotors look fine though.

Definitely a bad time and it looks like this will last for a while.

I’d say it would end in costing at least 1.5-2k more now for the life of the lease even with full msd and loyalty. Prorated for 17 months left we are looking at $950, so it’s almost flush considering dispo fees and brakes.
As you know, Incentives and discounts were higher back in 2019, so makes sense.

To show you how crazy things are right now, I can break even, and maybe actually make a few hundred bucks, on a BMW lease I initiated less than three months ago!

And this is exactly why, even a few months into the lease with the ability to bail, I won’t.

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Don’t mention that anymore! I’m over here in the fetal position in the corner remembering this as my last 2019 lease nears termination…

It was a bad sign when I saw that 2012 FJ Cruiser with 80k miles getting a 40k offer a little time ago. Last week was the worst according to the last black book market analysis. Crazy for sure.

Agreed with a few months I would hold to maximize savings. At the halfway point I think it makes sense to dump at no cost, as noted by most here. appreciate the help from everyone.

No kidding! This isn’t exactly apples to apples, but we purchased a new 2021 Honda Odyssey yesterday and I checked the trade in value on VROOM, Carvana, and Carmax. They are all offering 1.5k over our OTD purchase price :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


You sure about that? It’s typically only good for 7 days.

Somewhat related, any guides and links on learning more about selling your car before lease is up.

Expires April 30, 2021 is what the offer says. It’s a moot point, X2 isn’t going anywhere until after new Tesla is here.