Should I return or sell my leased 2014 Q5 TDI?

Hey guys!

I have leased my Q5 TDI since early in 2015. and now I have to either return or sell it (or can i sell it to the third party). Res value of the car is about 31k and have paid the last payment. I know the car has been going thru all the vw diesel scandal / settlement stuff. I was not sure if i can even sell the leased car to the third party… but if i can, do you guys think its better to sell it?

Don’t sell it. The best case for your settlement benefits will be to keep the car, get settlement money, and return it as part of the deal.

I was an owner, got fed up with VW dragging feet (and wasn’t convinced a settlement would come in near future) so I sold it (about 6 weeks before the settlement was announced). Result was the new owner got about $28k for the car I sold to them for $18k… I got $3.5k token compensation. It sucked!

You lose your hook with VW when you no longer have possession of the car.

@Sangski Aren’t you entitled for some amount from the settlement? Leased cars are qualified.
Click "Check My Eligibility & Access Online Portal"

You qualify if you have current lease or if your lease ended.

Yeah I have claimed thru the site. My lease ends in next 10 days. Will I still get the money if I sell my leased car to the third party?

Yeah… I would love to wait but my lease ends on 23 March…

You should since you’ve already filed your claim, but contact VW to confirm. The car does not belong to you now and will not belong if you sell to the third party. So no difference.

If you lease, but at lease end, buy the car - are you not supposed to get the huge windfall and the restitution instead of just the restitution that those with the leases got?

No. There were as a cutoff for changes of ownership to be eligible as an owner. This cutoff was right when they announced the details of the settlement.

If you were leasing the car before the settlement was announced you’re eligible for lessee compensation. It’s essentially a chunk of cash (3-6k IIRC) plus it allows you to end your lease early without any kind of penalty.

The settlement is fairly simple. Just go check it out: