Should I hold off on leasing a X5?


I’ve been browsing for a lease and decided to go with the X5. Only issue is there’s really no good deals on em as far as incentives go. Is there a certain time of year to wait for these X5 to go on sale. I know the 2021’s hit the lot so they should be pushing the 2020’s soon. At the moment I’m just keeping my eye out for a loaner and trying to wait till the incentives are more aggressive so I can make the move on one. But maybe there is also a holiday event I should wait for towards the end of the year?

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In some cases, new custom orders are pricing better than loaners. You’ll just have to keep looking for X5 loaners posted by brokers, especially if you’re not picky about color/options. Your region also plays a big factor in availability.

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Ah yes, the 21s are out so now they are just giving away the 20s.

Within a 50 mile radius of Manhattan there are 34 2020 X5s left. Good luck.


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How’s that possible? Are are new custom orders cheaper than loaners?

Car dealerships have been holding on to loaners during the inventory shortages, so a lot of the discounts are lower than new and orders. We have a few loaner deals in Texas, but otherwise, we’re much better on new out of state.

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