Should I go back to the drawing board?

Yea, I have been shopping all of last month and if I get close to the discounts, they are jacking up the MF or they have add ons. When I ask to remove them I get a no

4 in FL, 4 in GA, 2 in AL,1 in MS, 2 in TX,1 in NY
NY was a stretch lol, my sister lives in Tx which is why I considered it as I could make a trip out of it too.

Some dealers I did not bother to reach out to if they did not have a lower MSRP (around 45k) loaner on their website. Some told me it was impossible to get those discounts before incentives. Some caught attitude with me haha,

Keep hunting, someone has to have 2019 fart car that they will want gone by the end of the month. This is the kind of search you need to do to find the cars, showing 76 within a 200 mile radius of Orlando with less than 5000 miles. Of course some of these are probably not loaners. I’d target the dealer with the most cars. As it gets close to the end of the month, give them a take it or leave it offer, try to get a manager on the phone. This link below probably needs to be fine tuned once you open it, doesn’t save all the appropriate filter


Thanks I will take a look through here and see what I can find…I have also been jumping on Linkedin to find the manager for some of the dealerships haha, then I call in and ask for them directly

Hacking ain’t easy, especially in Florida, target 2019 loaners, that’s where the deal is at.

You need to figure out how to get to the payment you want (i.e. discounts and incentives) before you start emailing dealers. 17% seems on target for what you want to pay, but you will need to find a demo or 2019 out there.

Use the calculator and get where you want to be before you start calling managers.

I gave up on it honestly.


No one wants to negotiate the dealer fee. Yet, you can get the discount you want that negates the dealer fee and nobody cares.

Never made sense, but not my problem.

Not sure if he can do florida but look at these, with texas tax he’s already where you want to be, there is $2000 due, but the cheap one might get you there. Found this after a quick search, might be more stuff out there, search is your friend.


Check these guys out. They did 2 previous deals for me on BMWs

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Yeah, the dealer fees are pretty much across-the-board very high here in Florida. Sometimes there are reasonable discounts available, but after literally trying dozens and dozens of times, overall Ive found on my end it it’s just better to go out of state😩

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I second that.

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I third that. I’ve been working a deal for my parents for weeks now. Plus, the incentives are less in Florida for the same car, on top of the $1,000 doc fee.

I have been looking out of state as well but it seems like I cant find what I am looking for, maybe they don’t take me serious while out of state?

We are taking you seriously, and I just e-mailed you best and final - more than 17% off a 330i. Plus, your first two months are free with loyalty, so it’s effectively $374 per month.


Also, for those who have read the whole thread (I just did), this is at base MF and has no add-ons. Same dealership where you got the X5, @valek.jw. MSRP is over $46,000 - least expensive ones that are left.

I’ll fourth that. Fees make these deals quite the unnecessary hassle.

@Mhussain let us know how this turns out.

I’d totally entertain this deal here in Florida if my lease was up (it will be in Aug).

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Do you have loyalty? The first two payments are paid, so you won’t have to make double payments except for maybe one month! The car is in Texas, so you’d have to ship it or pick it up. We have one in white like it too, plus similar ones, so we’re not “giving away” OP’s car!