Should I buy this out?

I’m currently 1.5 months out from lease end on my wife’s 2018 Infiniti Q50 Luxe 3.0t AWD.
This was my first lease, which I got for $316/mo pretax on a $45k vehicle. According to my research this is a great deal, which is why I pulled the trigger where I always tended to shy away from leasing.
The vehicle has ~25k of its 33k allowed miles and no major damage (just a couple parking lot dings).
From what I’m seeing there aren’t very many great leasing deals right now on equivalent vehicles in NY. I wouldn’t necessarily NEED to put her into a luxury vehicle, but she’s kinda gotten used to the idea now. She’s basically in love with the Guilia but the best deals I’m finding are nearly $400/mo which I’m not willing to spend right now. She’s totally cool with keeping the Q50 but the issue is: I’ve always been told that you NEVER buy a lease out.
The thing is, my total base payments will come to $12343 and the Infiniti Financial Services buyout quote is ~$25k (which is roughly equal to the KBB listed private party value) making the total cost to own ~$37k (minus taxes).
I understand I will have to pay sales tax but I would even if I bought the car used. To me this seems to make sense, especially because technically I’ve paid depreciation for 8k miles I haven’t used and my pretax cost to own would be ~$8k less than the MSRP of the vehicle. But I am admittedly a total novice in this world so please advise.

You also are forgetting the fat that you have to go through a dealership to buy this lease out as Nissan can’t sell it to you direct so you will have to pay dealer fee.

What would that fee typically be?
If it’s like $500 I think that would still put me ahead, no?

The main question is whether it’s worth this buyout price and IMO it’s not.

If you’re not paying cash to buy out the lease, and you’re concerned about monthly payment, then your payments will be higher (36 mo will probably be roughly $800/mo, 60 mo will probably be roughly $500/mo), and you will be driving without warranty on the car after 4 yrs or 50k miles is up.

Dealers around me are selling CPO Q50 3.0T Luxe for around $25k with similar mileage (plus CPO Warranty/financing) FWIW, so your buy out isn’t a screaming deal.

Yep, everything else is a sunk cost. This car is maybe worth the buyout price…maybe. That said, there is a difficult to quantify benefit to knowing a car was well maintained and taken care of in figuring out what a used car is worth.

Semi-related. Looking online used Q50s similar to yours seem to be much cheaper in NY/NJ than DC area. Not sure why?

Just google what 2018 q50s are going for… a quick search found this one for same price with 10k miles less. Used 2018 INFINITI Q50 | Carvana

We have had 3 infiniti leases and they lease so well because their residual is higher which means they aren’t worth buying out

I agree this buyout price isn’t worth it… I’d look at true value on other used car sites over KBB

No, don’t buy it out. You are talking $316 vs $400. You are going to pay at least $1,000 in sales tax. There will probably be a repair and/or a new set of tires which may be $1,000. When you factor the $2,000 spread over 36 months you get close to your $400 Giulia payment.


I would be paying cash, but yeah I see all your points.
I guess I was just assuming that with the car so under mileage, turning it in would be leaving money on the table. Then combining that with the fact that I would be going from a .7% to a.9% deal I got a sour taste.
Well I have 6 weeks left so I guess I better hit the Share A Deal section =P

You could also argue with the fact that it was already so old when new, it wasn’t worth 25k 3 years ago either


If going from 316/month to a 400/month payment is a no go, then maybe you and your wife need to be looking at a cheaper car.

As others have said, don’t buy out your lease.


Forget about your existing lease. The right way to assess this is whether you would buy your q50 for $25K+Tax+Fees or you would go ahead and lease something else…


in less than ten characters: no

I bought a lease out on a minivan and it worked out perfectly. I disagree that one should never do it.

You got a great price on that. If you can get a brand new car for under $400 you’ll never even notice the difference in what you pay now.

I disagree; these can be great used values for the right person.

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