Should I buy out my lease? 2019 x3

Given the chip shortage, and people paying MSRP for new vehicles, what’s the best way to think about this?

2019 X3 xDrive30i

36k miles allowed

current miles at 26k

monthly payment is 530.72 a month, taxes and fees were paid upfront

**lease ends this dec.

residual will be $29,194.

Yes buy it . Find a low rate from CU.

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Does BMW let you extend, So you could hold out 6 months see if new car market gets better?

not sure never heard anyone doing that will inquire with them

straight like that huh? I like your style

My kids Rav 4 I extended it the max two 6 months extensions. (bought it)
my other kids Subaru ends in march they just said I can extend for 6 months (will buy it)
my wife’s yukon 2 months at a time up to 6 months.(Bought It)

Looks like you can extend for 2 months and if you order a new one they might let you extend upto 6 months.

Chip shortage might goes into 2023 , thanks to pandemic, trade wars, higher demand for electronics, few factories shutting down and Auto companies not ordering enough due to initial Covid 19 slow down and now at the end of Que.

Wow, incredible i know its gotten bad but this is crazy and until 2023 possibly yikes.

It isn’t going to miraculously get better within 6 months. This shortage isn’t going away for 9+ months

Hell, even if the chip manufacturers realized they had a back stock room they forgot to check and fulfilled every order today, it’d still probably take 9+ months for those to make their way into all the finished products, much less for demand to stabilize.

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Its does for 2 months, 6months total if you can show proof of another Bmw purchase or an order of a build!

New car would be fine but 3% off msrp does not tickle my fancy

I dunno. I don’t buy into it as much as a chip shortage. No reason why a 2022 model car shouldn’t have all weather tires in October. Something is up and deliberate.

Someone said that new BMWs don’t even have driver assistance forget about tires they are eliminating features!

Chip shortage is also coming to Apple and will affect iPhone 13 production by 90 million

Get ready for iphone shortage. Teenage girls are gonna be thrilled .

This was a rumor by Bloomberg it has not been verified.