Should I buy back my leased car?

I got Mercedes C300 2018 on lease and paying $418 per month (including tax and $8000 lease protection)
I’ve only accumulated 10700 miles in total in last 3 years. Buy Back amount for this car is $27000. Now I’ve an option to to buy back the car so would like to know if it’s a good option to go for it ?

Suggestions welcome.


Plus tax.

Have you checked what the current market value is?

Depends what do you want as your next car & how much can you get a new car lease for, if that’s the route you would go.

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I’m hoping that’s up to 8000 in protection :grimacing:.


Don’t forget Mercedes’ fat disposition fee.

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Yes that’s 8000 in protection

As per KBB, trade in value is 31000

Kbb is irrelevant. What are multiple buy out offers saying? (Carvana, carmax, etc)


Step 1 - decide what the replacement will be?

Step 2 - research possible new cost of the replacement

Step 3 - get offers from Carvana, Vroom, CarMax etc.

Step 4 - compare the highest offer with buyout plus tax plus disposition fee

Step 5 - make decision


KBB is when you crashed your car, not when you want to sell it.

Yet another reason why you shouldn’t buy products from f&i.



VW F&I manager tried to make me out to be crazy cause I wouldn’t get the $6,000 lease end EWT coverage, a ‘steal’ for only $600. But I knew I would end up being under miles and might buy out the Tiguan.

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