Should a EV lease deal include both the monthly lease cash and the $7,500 federal tax rebate?

For example, the Kia Niro EV EX Premium has a lease cash rebate of $10k this month, should I expect/push the dealer for the additional $7,500 rebate or is that unrealistic?

There is no additional rebate. Kia is passing on the savings from the federal tax rebate that they get as part of the lease cash.

The dealer has no control/say in this.


Got it, thanks for the quick response!

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What kind of lease prices/deals are you seeing on these? Give us some more info if you’ve done your homework.

What’s the residual /MF like on a typical 36/10?

Not that I’m shopping this car, but with the $10k cash and no EV tax in Jersey, this could be juicy .

Just started shopping around but so far no good. First 2 dealers are marking up the MSRP $4k +. 36/10 is 53%/0.0018

If anyone knows a Kia broker in the NJ/NY area, let me know!

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