's Midwest Volvo Deals! - All Models Spreadsheet Inside

how much is shipping to FL and are the xc90 loaners shipable just like new vehicles?

Why would shipping be different on a new/loaner/used vehicle?

I’d be interested in a xc60 T8 with Advanced package if it comes back.

no clue but I don’t normally go around posting questions that I already know the answer to.

Right. How about common sense? Just trying to understand what made you think it would be any different on a loaner.

I’m not sure what you want from me man. Just trying to find the answer to my question. Also not sure why you are cluttering up Benedetto’s thread with this non-sense.

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I answered your question in my first post and wanted to clarify your way of thinking in my second (in case I was missing something). There is nothing sinister here.
But I understand you only want an answer from Ben.

Maybe something wrong with my viewer by your sheets appear empty to me, only seeing your contact info but no numbers.

Only the first sheet is blank

As @Bostoncarconcierge said - please see the tabs below for all the selections.

Yes loaners can be shipped - however, I’d only quote shipping and post tax with a retainer placed.

Still impressed w that V90 deal you had. Someone got a bargain! Great job, man.

Man, I wanted that one for myself so bad. I just don’t have a need for it :confused:

haha I keep telling myself this is a good problem to have!

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Hi there. How much is shipping to Chicago? Interested in an XC90, T6 Inscription.

I do not have an Inscription

Just a thought…but maybe it’d make sense to put a note on the first page to check individual sheets in the Excel for the vehicle info. Might save you and others some frustration and confusion.

I appreciate it - I’ve got something in mind that I’ll post when I get a free moment

Can someone post an image of the google sheet assuming the V90 hasn’t sold off yet? I work in an office with higher security and we can’t access google products though our firewall.


Its gone. That was the best V90 deal I have seen in ages. Very impressive work.