Sharing my Deal: BMW X3 30i

Hackers, giving back to community as you have been good, for the most part, in helping with my research. Here is my BMW X3 that I got this weekend. Got the rims I wanted.

LeaseHackr Info:

To discuss similar deals reach out to Gonzalo Cano @ New Century BMW in Alhambra, CA. Do note that my deal had the following incentives

OL Code

Thanks all


Seems a bit expensive, considering you had loyalty and OL!

You could’ve easily targeted 12% off prior to any incentives kicking in. There numerous brokers offering this deal all across. Also, would’ve made sense to use MSD instead of down payment. You could’ve also signed up for BMW CCA rebate to get another $500 post sale rebate.

You should have done more research as that’s a meh deal.

I reached out to 5 dealers and 3 brokers including some of our famous ones and not 1 of them could due 12%. In fact, the murrueta dealer asked to bow out when I indicated 12%. Almost all offered me 7-8% off. Also, I wanted these specific rims. Yes, I did CCA also. Didn’t have funds for 10 msd otherwise would have.

You can only do 7 MSDs max, anyway

I’ll probably get abuse for saying this, but as a Financial Advisor I would say that if you can’t afford the MSDs you can’t afford the car…and should be leasing something cheaper or buying a used car outright.

But, as kids say today, YOLO!

Enjoy the ride :slight_smile:


Not that I don’t have the cash as I have enough but our free cash is going to a pool remodel. People need to not reply without a complete understanding. By the way we are debt free except for house and cars and we max 2 401ks, 2 roths and 2 ira’s plus and an additional 25k a year in other investments. My wife and actually get into vehicles under our means. How many can say that?

If you don’t want replies, you probably shouldn’t post on a public internet message board.

Good luck with the pool, hope you shopped smarter for a contractor than you did for the Bimmer.

Congrats on your deal. Forget the haters.
As a new member with experience leasing cars and helping others get good deals on new cars, I don’t understand why some folks assume that one’s posted deal is not the best they could have done. Not everyone wants to travel 100+ miles just to save a few bucks. Not everyone wants to use MSDs to lower their monthly payment. I am not here looking to get a Unicorn-type deal. I am here to learn from the best.

I understand the need to give financial advice, however, most folks like me are here hoping to get the best deal on our next lease. I know what my credit score is (all 3 above 820) and I have negotiated a car purchase and a lease on my own. I did my research and made sure I understood every part of the deal, from residual value and money factor, to manufacturer vs dealer incentives.

I have read threads posted by folks who keep rolling negative equity into a lease. Or others with sub par credit scores looking to lease a German car.

OP got the the car he/she wanted with the rims they wanted. How many threads have been posted about folks getting a great deal on a car they end up hating? Or folks looking to get out of a contract they signed thinking a dealer is just going to “eat” their remaining payments.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot of valuable information posted here from trusted hackers, but also from folks looking for some feedback on their offer.

I am 17 going on 18 months into my current lease. It is a 2018 A4 P+. When my lease is up, I will be looking to get into a 5 series (530i xDrive) if the price is right.

Not all deals can check every “lease hacker” box.

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The whole purpose of this forum is to share information so everyone can get the best deal possible. That means tearing apart deals to figure out where things were done right and where things could be done better. You’re right, not everyone is going to get the best deal, but those are the deals offering the most to learn from. That’s never going to happen if everytime someone posts up a less that ideal deal, the conversation gets shut down as to not hurt anyone’s feelings.

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No one said members should stop critiquing other people’s deals. All I am saying is that when evaluating a deal, let’s take factors like location, timing of deal, and whether OP got the car with the options and color combination they wanted. Let me try and further break down what I mean.

Here are some examples of past advice I have seen posted over the past few months:

  • Ask for 15% off MSRP on a new car and 20% off on a loaner
  • Email all dealers in a 150+ mile radius
  • Get a loaner (some us like new)
  • Put down MSDs

One size does not fit all. I will say it again. There has been a lot of useful advice on this forum. It really feels like a community.

Enjoy the car… in the end, it’s $25/month compared to getting the full 12% so not the end of the world if you got the options you wanted and it was convenient and painless for you.

I would say you missed out an opportunity with MSDs especially if you considered yourself a savvy investor. You would have been better off going zero drive off and scrapping together an additional $2K (probably could have put it in a credit card) to save almost $1,000. Around an 8% annual return with no tax.

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I get that you’re not saying that, but There have been several threads like this recently… People posting a thread on a deal with some room for improvement. When the deal gets critiqued, the response by a vocal minority is that everyone should just congratulate on the mediocre deal and stop critiquing because it isn’t nice to tear apart the deal.

It’s even turning into people posting deals with a bunch of the information withheld, specifically so they can’t be analyzed after the fact.

I have made my point.