Shady move on a new lease?

so I was supposed to pick up my new 2019 XC60 T6 MOM last Monday and the dealer called me Saturday saying there was a “recall” on the strut that they had to fix before I picked it up. He calls me again yesterday 2/1 asking when I would pick it up acting like he didn’t owe me a callback. says he was sick.

I’m now seeing there is a change in allowance on the T6. Could he have known about it and was playing games to up dealership profit? I can find no mention of this recall on Volvos site even when entering the VIN.

My deal was good, not great. with zero down 39/12 on $55, 500 MSRP I was at a 589 payment tax inc.

I plan to bring up the allowance on Monday when I pick it up but I’m not afraid to walk away. I’m not feeling the whole recall thing as it seemed fishy from day one.

Any thoughts on this?

They have no idea about the change before it happens.


Whether you are talking about manufacturer rebate, or RV/MF changes not in your favor, that doesn’t relate to dealer profit (unless they “keep” some of it).

If I am understanding you correctly, the only thing they accomplished is either loss of a sale, or further dealer discount to make up for the changes that weren’t in your favor (i.e. reduced Volvo rebate). They likely wouldn’t do that on purpose even if they knew of changes in advance (they don’t).

It’s an increased dealer allowance month over month so it’s in their favor unless they adjust the deal accordingly. I will bring it up before I sign anything.

I was more questioning the whole recall thing. timing and whole series of events was just a bit odd.

I know for a fact if there’s a recall they cant sell the car til it’s fixed. They must hold the car as s not sell it.
As far as finance changesof any sort, no they aren’t aware of it especially the salesguy. If you go into another month your lease or finance pmt could get worse (or better) as there is no contract and wasn’t rolled. So from not knowing all the facts they weren’t shady at all.

Totally off subject here would you mind sharing your lease numbers? Just started to look at Volvos XC60 and S60’s and wanted some indications from closed deals…
Thanks and good luck finalizing this deal.

Sounds to me like bad timing/bad luck. Nothing shady.

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I’ve had this happen before too. US Bank dropped the Residuals 7% on the Tacoma.