SF Bay Area - 2020 Chevy Bolt Premier Loaded - 7350 OnePay 36mo/45k

So a previous deal I got from my local Chevy was $8800. I am glad I continued to do some research.

Now my current deal for a fully loaded 2020 Bolt Premier is OnePay 7350 out the door.
Terms: 36 Months / 45k Miles

I pretty much spoke to every dealership in the SF Bay Area. I would, of course, let them know what offers I am getting and from where. The lowest was 7350 OnePay, which I sent back to other dealers who had 2020s Premiers in stock and they said they couldn’t match it or beat it with a base Premier.

While I still haven’t signed the papers yet, I did go through the initial processes of credit check and stuff and should be picking it up on Sunday unless anyone has any other advice for me here. Of all the dealers I contacted, only 3 had 2020s in stock and 1 of them had only LTs.

I am going to try asking for specific numbers in terms of incentives and other stuff but tbh, my salesperson doesn’t seem to revealing as I haven’t yet been there in person.

The big questions are do you have lease conquest, supplier, or Costco. Here are some marketplace numbers for reference. Not sure how much more 15k miles would make these.


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With the amount of internet leads dealers get most of us sometimes know right away we’re being shopped (which is totally fine) so some sales people decide that information is to be presented in person and not via the internet where screenshots can be taken. That may be what you are experiencing.

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