Several Mercedes dealers not taking MSD's?

I’ve had several MB dealerships in Central Florida tell me they do not accept MSD’s? I’m new to leasing so is this to be expected? Thanks

That is complete BS. Im in Tampa and they do in fact accept MSD’s. Are you in the Orlando area?

Tampa does but several dealerships between Tampa and Orlando either told me they do not or they’ve never heard of them.

No, it’s not. Some MB dealers do not want to do MSD for some reason. My friend at a large MB dealer doesn’t do it.

Are they an AN dealer by any chance? Everyone I spoke with implied that I didn’t need any but could If i wanted to. I don’t have any other experience besides that but maybe could be dealers that I didn’t contact.

“the never heard them,” guys are usually telling the truth but you can come very well prepared and the F&I office will scatter like roaches, which happened to me, stuck to my guns and got a guy who knew how to input the data which wasn’t that hard to read.

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Are they an AN dealer by any chance?
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Autonation Dealer

sorry I don’t know how to quote your message…

Nope, not Auto Nation.

Oh, I see. Wonder where the OP is looking because my MB dealer does.