Servicing due but in pandemic not even driven 2K miles

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Apologies if this is not the right place for this question but My Mercedes Benz E300 is showing servicing due (past due by 20 days) B1 (40K, 4 years) but the mileage on my car is 23K as due to pandemic have not driven the car much and also my last 30K, 3year servicing was done when my car had 21100 miles on it so hardly 2K miles after that servicing (I do understand that 1 year has passed) but not sure if there is anyway to avoid this B1 servicing or delay it for another 7K miles without losing any warranty or the experts think best is to get the servicing done as it is due.

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Service becomes due after driving for X miles OR after Y amount of time elapses.


Have the service done. It’s your obligation under your lease agreement.

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Thank you @trism appreciate, I am sorry I should have mentioned this before that I just bought back my leased car and now I own it from last 6months.

Well, now that is your car, do you really want to cheap out the services?


Well, if it’s your car you can do what you want (obviously :slight_smile: ), but the recommended service intervals are the same. If you’d stolen the car, I’d say maybe not. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have to take the car to a dealer. I’m having the CPO BMW that I own maintained by a local independent mechanic.

He will use OEM parts (filters primarily) while the CPO warranty is in effect, just to be safe in case a major warrantable repair pops up.

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Thank you @trism I apprecaite your advise and will follow it. I agree I want to maintain it and not lose any warranty stuff as still have 1 more year of company warranty left on my car. Thank you again for your response. I wish I had a trustable local Mercedez mechanic here in DE but for now I will just go with the authorized dealer. Thank you agian.

There must a decent Benz mechanic where you live. Check there must be local members to recommend you a shop.


They don’t really need to be a Mercedes specialist to do a service B… probably a glorified oil change + brake fluid job

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Thank you @max_g and @Batistuta I will search for it. Appreciate the help.