Serious help with my recent 640i recall

Hey guys,

I have a serious problem where I need your help.
So I leased a 640xi gt 6 days ago. Yesterday around 2pm my sales person called and asked how I’m enjoying the car

I told him how everything was great.
However he said something about the car needs to be return for a repair/upgrade on the software.

I asked him what’s wrong with the vehicle and he said the car needs a software upgrade and there has been a recall where they would need to take a look at the car. This can only be done at their dealer.

They said they will send someone to drop off the loaner vehicle and deliver the car back to me on following day (today) or coming Monday if there is any additional issue (i live about 50 miles away from the dealer)

I had the car for 5 days and there was no issue on the vehicle.

They also mention that I need to re-sign the contract where my lease will start when the car is delivered (mileage will start when the car is delivered)

I asked him detail as I couldn’t find any recall on the vehicle online but he said he dosen’t know in detail but there will be work detail form that will tell me when the car is return.

I’m still waiting but there is no phone call nor text explaining what the car is being performed for.

Without any detail info, it somehow stress me as I’m not getting full understanding if there is any untold vehicle issue. They said software upgrade but has anyone had this kind of issue?? I feel the dealer is being shady about not telling me what is being performed.

What could possibly wrong with the vehicle?

FYI, this car was in their lot for 299 days.

If you’re that concerned I’d ask them for full disclosure, otherwise you’ll be dropping off the car first thing in the morning and they can keep it. That should straighten them out really quick. Personally I wouldn’t be that concerned, just check the contract carefully and make sure nothing changed and enjoy free miles in their fart car


2019 640i? I couldn’t find anything when I searched, but there was a recall on the 2018.

It appears there was some kind of recall/TSB that was required to be fixed before selling your car, and they’re taking it back, fixing it, and asking you to resign on a date after a RO shows it was fixed.

As @joeblogs said, get a disclosure from them on what’s being fixed otherwise they can take the car back.

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I was looking at one and a dealer in SoCal told me yesterday that there is a stop sell on all 640 GTs due to a recall.


What happened most likely is that a recall appeared and they must have over looked it and they need to do it before selling. Its rare but happens I work at a dealer. You have few options. Say no and they will repo the vehicle or say I cannot do it until a few weeks and at that time they dont know incentives programs etc and can lose money or just plain out say no and return the vehicle.

If you like the car just bring it in and get the recall done.

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There must of been a stop sell on the car. They then sold the car unbeknownst to them then found out after. They are probably redoing the contract because it either wasn’t funded or to clear themselves legally. I wouldn’t look too much into it and just get the recall fixed and enjoy the car. I heard the same thing happened on the new X3M as well.


There is currently a recall on almost all models for BMW, it is just a software update. The dealer technically can’t sell the car to you with an active campaign which they might’ve overlooked. Their bad, but the recall itself is nothing serious


Very helpful. Thank you

Thank you all, very helpful information here. But does anyone know about these software upgrades? Will there be any additional features?

I’m curious if it was the same recall that just happened with the Supra. It was over the contrast on the backup camera. 1 hour software upgrade.

Yes, from the release notes: your car will be leasable.


Yea from what I head it was something about the backup camera

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Hover self flying autopilot will be available when you get it back.

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not sure if this helps but my BMW just had a recall service done while it was at service, was told it was software related. Maybe someone can decipher it

If you really want to be a jerk, take said fart car and drive it over 5K.


What kind of software update is this? I was told some bmws get their softwares updated automatically through satellite anyone heard of something like this?

Not quite sure. I was told that the car will be returned to me today. Once I have the car I will make sure to address this with the driver and will keep you all post it

Negative. The SiriusXM channel guide gets updated this way. Nothing that causes the cars to drive on the road is getting updated over the air.

I think that’s already been done before.

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Thank you for all the help guys. So I just received the vehicle today and seems like there was just a recall. Dealer gave me full disclosure of the vehicle and the car looks great.

here is what I got

  1. Recall: Program control Units (rearview camera)
  2. Scope Bundle eligible (maintenance due; assuming the car needed on as it was in the lot for 300 days)
  3. Bundle Eligible Oil service (the car originally had 5 miles so I don’t know if it needed one)
  4. Tire pressures and top off fluids