🦄 September VW Thread - 2020 VW Jetta - 1k DAS - $0 MSD - $227 / month plus tax <> And Beyond!

Good afternoon,

See ya August, hello September!! Labor Day is over, and the programs for VW have finally arrived. Just like the past several months, we still have 0% Financing for up to 72 months available (o.a.c.) on select remaining 2020 models, with the exception of the Atlas Cross Sport, Golf, and GTI. Those models still have 0% APR’s available, but for up to 60 months. For 72 months however, we still have .90% APR’s available, which isn’t bad at all! Let me know whatever I may be able to do to help you “push some metal”? Remember that I’m here for you, and want to do whatever I can to assist in OUR success!

Here’s the new VW Lease Specials for September. All scenarios below are based off of a 36 month/ 10K lease, with a $1,000 Customer Cash!

Call Or Text our Leasehackr Line : 310-909-4416

2020 VW Jetta S
MSRP $20,885
Invoice $20,187
Cap $18,587
$1,000 Customer Cash
$249.44 Incl. Tax

2020 Passat S
MSRP $24,235
Invoice $23,372
Cap $20,672
$1,000 Customer Cash
$283.38 Incl. Tax

2020 Tiguan S
MSRP $26,285
Invoice $25,377
Cap $22,252
$1,000 Customer Cash
$285.27 Incl. Tax

2021 Atlas SE w/ Tech V6
MSRP $40,774
Invoice $39,079
Cap $36,679
36/ 10k
$504.09 Incl. Tax

Atlas inventory is starting to balance out a bit. We no longer have the 2019’s, the 2020’s are pretty much dried up, so her we go 2021’s! I’d like to mention once again that I greatly appreciate all of you, and the relationships that we’ve built. Last month turned out to be one of the best I’ve had in the business, and I couldn’t have done it without you! I will continue to be here whenever needed, and do whatever I can to assist you making this month hopefully the best that you’ve ever had in this business! Please let me know what I can do to help you succeed this month? Until we speak take care, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Do you have any e-Golf ?

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Let me look into the availability of that for you
Where are you located?
Are there any specific colors and features that you desire?

I can travel to get it, I’m in central CA.
Leather interior is much preferred. Other features are not a big deal.

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Central California is pretty
What is your zip code?
As far as color just give me your top 3 choices
I know you say you are open but I rather get you your top pick if we have it

No Atlas Cross Sport?

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Mr. Kim
Where are you located?

Los Angeles

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Any specifications that matter to you?

I want pure gray and se r line w alloy rims and pano roof if possible. Any good deals available?

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Ok it looks like we have one - we are working number on it now

We are having a hard time finding that car at the moment
How soon do you need it
Would you consider the Chevy Bolt
We have a few of those tat we are now blowing out on special

Ok I got you a quote

Please text our lease Hacker hotline at 310-909-4416

Let’s make this car yours

Zip is 93306.
Favorite is whatever the cheapest, Lol. Car will be for my wife.
Really, she has no favorite color with regards to the eGolf. Just looking for an EV to commute in. The car is discontinued, correct?

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Looks like it since they don’t have the inventory
Le’ts get you the Bolt EV

Call our text our hacker hotline 310-909-4416

Oh I see. No thanks on the Bolt. My wife doesn’t like it
I have leased 2 of them and love it. Unfortunately not for her.
Thanks for trying.

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I’ll let you know what we possibly find on the E golf if anything
What other possibilities are you willing to consider?

eGolf or eTron.

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Checking on the eTron for you now